Why enterprise network marketing operation did not effect

Internet has affected all walks of life, every industry are talking about Internet plus, are said to play O2O, network marketing. However, after a period of play found no effect, get a conclusion: the Internet is. Why did not operate the enterprise network marketing effect? Guardian Kun Kun to talk about their views on this issue.


the Internet is a big platform, our customers love on the Internet, so we have to Internet marketing, but your enterprise network marketing is no effect, the reason for several reasons.

one: the traditional business executives really do not understand the internet.

traditional business executives, business owners to see all walks of life are playing the Internet, see their peers are playing online marketing. After listening to a few related courses, looking forward to the bright future of the internet. Quickly build the site, on the auction, do SEO optimization, open Taobao, brush micro-blog, playing WeChat,,,

see peers in play, see competitors in the play, I also want to play. How to play, anyway, for the time being, let’s talk about it. We want to build a platform, is not to fight the resources?. Is not to fight the money it?. Because they do not understand the Internet play, the final result?.

two: does the company have a full-time network marketing operator

enterprise network marketing operation there is no full-time staff of the guardian? According to the experience of long Kun yuan, an enterprise network marketing play basically should have three main personnel configuration: one is to have a network supervisor, mainly responsible for data analysis, network marketing planning, marketing direction and plan, be responsible for network marketing in the process; the two is to have a copy, for the network marketing, the content is the core content of the text is the most common. So whether there should be a copy of it, of course, will be written to write, but also to send (promotion); three is the need for a network of sales, mainly to do customer service and sales work. As for art, technical staff, can find a part-time solution.

enterprise configuration of the main network marketing operator three, even if only labor costs, a year to about 100000 or even 200 thousand. For most small and medium enterprises is relatively large investment. At this time how to do it is a good way is the person in charge of the company, the boss has his own Internet thinking, learn how to do the network marketing network supervisor position. The clerk of the enterprise can make the copy and the network sale directly, will telephone marketing, will visit, then put these things in the form of words and voice to express it.

three: a reliable generation of operating companies can not be met.

if you don’t want to hire a full-time staff person in charge of the enterprise, but also do not want to do network executives, employees do not want to play the network marketing, many enterprises believe that the professional to the professional people to do things, for the generation of operating companies is a good way. Things however

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