See so many conference is not tired

in recent years, perhaps is the "West" of the results, gradually high status products conference on business enterprises, "conference driven" and even become ridicule and self deprecating idiomatic vocabulary. A netizen quipped: "in ancient times and as of twenty-first Century, Swire rely on agricultural workers, science and technology industry workers invented a conference time based calendar standard, later called the Lunar New Year of the new, the general per earth year September." Well, technology media have long been accustomed to transitions in every large city in the five-star hotel, conference center and stadium, good sign, listen, finish. One day in September last year, it is said that there are 19 kinds of field conference held at the same time, a time of some tight media.


when the conference becomes a mere formality

is not involved in any media, in the wave of information technology people can easily understand the enterprise, every year two to three times the frequency of release is conservative, some strange time, the company released the contents of specific products is not even, but "we are about to release XX!" the thing itself.

this is not difficult to understand, in the distraction of the Internet era, in addition to the "ceremony", the incentives, such as star general enterprises are really afraid of being forgotten, even if it is a "we made a big news of the collective illusion, to be fixed to show the existence of a sense of rhythm. But objectively speaking, now most of the conference giving people a sense of formality, and gradually into a boring (of course, if you want to learn Keynote exquisite techniques, many participants, and to benefit) as a science and technology enterprise, boring is a pretty terrible weakness.

is more unbearable than aesthetic fatigue, compared to the situation (such as increasingly eye-catching stars), in the dry cargo is stingy conference. Well, with the speaker of the friends of the humble and embarrassing joke, from five-star hotel to the bird’s nest, the water cube, more and more people come to the participants of the conference, but the value part of less. Like a friend named SHOOT BANK said: now look at the IT news has a kind of entertainment news ten years ago to see the news of the singer made a new actor will make a new film will be the feeling of the press conference. Do you want to do a app conference in the next iteration of the code design PM together, we also talk about feelings and parameters."

in fact, even if no value judgment, even from the point of propaganda, "the conference industry" homogenization also makes transmission becomes difficult – unless can provide other dimensions of conversation, such as a boss in the conference drowning accident scenes……

then the problem, an important conference? Of course is important, most of the time, in the "extravagance" behind, you will be very difficult conference as "product" itself and the upcoming release of the products of some kind of Association (in my cognition maybe hammer is an exception…… ).

more intuitive approach is that, if conditions permit, each

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