5 ways to assist enterprise website to improve the conversion rate

today’s enterprises, almost all know how to use the Internet to promote the brand and products, they do not lack of Internet marketing strategy effectively, make the enterprise more confused is why marketing did not reach the expected effect, spent a lot of money, but the number of final sales but with the business plan be quite different. In fact, in the Internet marketing becomes more and more perfect and mature today, marketing has been the focus from how to carry on the marketing development to how to optimize the marketing conversion rate, we are doing Internet marketing, why some brands through marketing hot, some brand sales have been tepid, factors aside end products, we might as well in marketing the problem of conversion of some more, after all, this is because the Internet marketing no conversion, enterprises have to provide users with a good window! Open up sales channels without


many Internet marketing enterprises will be understood as "the construction of enterprise website, it is too fur, today’s Internet marketing enterprise should not only have a good website to promote their own, provide excellent experience, convenient purchase window is more important, users have some understanding of the product and interest, to retain customers through good site experience, and to provide a" window "for consultation and complete the final purchase, if ignore these, enterprises will miss many sales opportunities.

reliable base station construction

wants to improve the conversion rate, a higher trust domain is a must, can be recognized by search engines in order to have the opportunity to allow users to browse to the next station, is to explore the search engine optimization, search engines crawl rules, search engine advertising auction is a short period to the only way to improve the conversion rate of the enterprise. To enhance the site’s ranking through continuous efforts, let more people see website marketing.

stand in the customer’s point of view to optimize

Optimization of

enterprise absolutely can not ignore the website, a website is the appearance of the enterprise, is the core of the network marketing platform, users are formed the first impression of the enterprise through the website, the website information update to real-time, accurate, the response speed of the HTTP, the main page structure tree, marketing position to do the reasonable design; regularly check the page link, broken links, invalid links; site of the reading process to simplify, in addition, enterprises should also learn to use video and other new ways of network marketing, learn to stand in the perspective of customers do optimization, in order to retain consumers.

online direct marketing and B2C platform implanted

on the platform of the website directly into the e-commerce marketing, compared with the traditional channel sales model, online direct marketing is the consumption trend of the present stage, are more likely to improve the conversion rate, after all, the traditional sales channels affected by geographical, time, price and so on is larger, if conditions allow, the business as much as possible the construction of online direct marketing platform your own; if the timing is not mature, enterprises can consider Jingdong, Tmall and other B2C platform window on the site, so that users can easily complete the purchase. < >

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