s the product manager’s time slowly over

The product manager for

era is slowly ending, this sentence right? Right to say no, no, said the reason is because once the so-called everyone is a product manager of the era has passed, the product manager of the job itself gradually began to segmentation, product manager demands more and more high occupation era has slowly begun. Not because of what I had when the product manager age? There is only one idea can be made out of very cool products? There is only a good product is enough? Good product also cannot do without the promotion of operation… Wine is also afraid of deep alley.

Part 1: two very misleading words

1 everyone is product manager

in this sentence is really a lot of people to play with blood, like the title product manager as well, do not pay a low position of appearance, then poured in. Some people feel that they are not, so had to do the product, of course, does not rule out a lot of people really like to do products…

if I put this sentence into a change, everyone is the hand piece, everyone is a programmer, everyone is a designer, everyone is a engineer, everyone is a doctor, everyone is a painter and so on, you tell me which is established? Since you know that this is not practical. What I feel that everyone is a product manager is established? Post low threshold does not mean that there is no threshold, the work is for everyone, but does not mean that everyone is suitable for this job, everyone has their own good things and they are not good things, do not take their own weaknesses and others merit.

2 is the product manager CEO


to tell the truth, I have been unable to figure out how this sentence came from, where the source, there is no tenable arguments to support this point of view, or that we will always consider the relevance of causality.

"if you have in-depth study of top 500 enterprises CEO background, you will find an interesting phenomenon: 500 CEO is the largest sales background, article more than and 2 of the people is the financial background, both of which add up to about more than 95%." I didn’t go to the source of data research and authenticity, only qualitative analysis, from the data we can know approximately 500 companies CEO is a significant part of sales or financial background, if want to do CEO, why not choose to do the proportion of higher sales or financial next? Look at the situation of the product manager.

Part 2: product manager status

from the domestic product manager can see the community contribution quality, the quality of nearly a year the decline is very serious, the amount of reading is also a sharp decline, a large number of superficial and useless articles continue to emerge, and actually also not feel that the average level of the product manager in the industry is very high, of course the author is likely to be too lo>

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