How to start weapon in the incubator of closures to rise

when it comes to science and technology, most people’s mind is the first flash of Silicon Valley, indeed, the Silicon Valley of the United States is the gathering of high-tech talent, they will Everfount thinking into technology kind, changing everything around. However, in addition to the Silicon Valley, the other part of the world’s people, unknown to the public in the road of science and technology progress, and ultimately to technology entrepreneurs to become a billionaire, Israel’s technology entrepreneurs, mostly from the Israeli Defense Ministry called hatched military department in 8200.


8200 as a technology incubator for entrepreneurs, to cultivate such high-quality entrepreneurs, not only relying on the comprehensive training in the interior of 8200, more importantly, it is a military department of the state established, under the protection of national policy. In Israel, all people over the age of 18 are required to serve. 8200 in all the military population in accordance with the stringent requirements of the appropriate personnel selected, and then the special technical training, training of professional knowledge and have strong sense of responsibility, to lay a solid foundation for their entrepreneurial path after the day.

in this venture flying era, China also paid special attention in science and technology entrepreneurship, and encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship, "popular trend also led to a rapid development of the incubator, support the market to better business incubator, leading entrepreneurial market showing a thriving scene. Therefore, the incubator enterprises, China has also put forward a number of corresponding protection policies. However, the incubator is not smooth in the development of our country, according to the relevant data show that since 2016 after the Spring Festival, the market 90% incubator companies go bankrupt, only 10% is dying, lost its vitality.

why is there an upsurge of collapse after a brief boom in China’s incubator companies?. Through the investigation of the failure incubator company, we found the following reasons:

1, the introduction of large and strong enterprises to seek incubators, start-up companies pay less attention to

Shanghai science and Technology Enterprise Incubation Association honorary chairman Wang Rong believes that the number of domestic incubators management confusion, many companies do not fit into the incubator should not be included in the incubator. Zhang Fenghai, director of the Ministry of science and technology of the torch center industry cluster, also believes that the scale of some areas of the incubator is very large, hatching area of hundreds of thousands, millions of square meters, but the core of the incubation capacity is not strong. Our incubator industry development started late, but the amount of business incubator has reached second in the world, many of the herd in support of the government, resulting in the incubator hatching number, but the quality is not high, hatching professional ability is not strong.

2, incubator variable tenants, unable to provide more service

whether local government or corporate investment in the construction of incubators, relying on the landlord economy to maintain a common phenomenon. According to 2011 China >

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