The experience of participating in the promotion of famous activities

since last month, IT PaoPaoTang station for participation in the three webmaster kind of mutual promotion activities, these three activities are the 2011 sixth annual meeting, 2011 Chinese Internet webmaster hotline Chongqing Internet webmaster conferences, and Baidu alliance · love "2011 hour ball joint promotion website". Here the so-called mutual promotion, nothing more than the sacrifice of the station’s advertising in exchange for the identity of the participants, exposure in the active page. Although the station will be a short time occupied three advertising, but in the long run, the mutual promotion is worth participation, in the long run, mutual benefit and win-win situation. So what are the benefits of participating in such activities?

first, enhance exposure, enhance visibility; an activity since it can be pushed out, the effect can be imagined, hundreds of webmasters are likely to participate. Just think, in the activities of the page can leave your key word or logo, greatly enhance the site’s brand awareness and exposure rate. Whether the industry or the media, to promote the popularity of the website more or less will play some role. It is worth mentioning that, if the webmaster’s own web site products and activities or activities of the participants closely, as a webmaster should be involved in the. For example IT PaoPaoTang participation in two stationmaster Congress activities, mutual promotion in so many SEO bloggers and IDC operators, for them, the exposure and display of their product marketing is able to bring direct help.

from the site itself, the site suddenly added a non advertising promotion banner, may enhance the site’s credibility and authority, may also become advertisers opportunity. Therefore, we often find that many of the general flow of the site, why would prefer to hang some public service ads, the station channel to promote advertising, and even more free advertising for some well-known advertisers. In fact, the reason is here, because it can enhance the visibility of the site, in order to find the next really willing to pay advertisers to prepare. The webmaster to participate in mutual promotion may also have such an effect, to bring you the next really willing to pay advertisers.

second, the weight and the ascension of the PR is very helpful; because of this activity or a page is a lot of media portal technology disclosed and reports on the activities of the page the weights of the ascension is to be expected; moreover, due to the large number of mutual promotion in the site is equipped with PR, from this point, this activity the page is very PR value, may the event page PR is 0, but after the next update? According to the activities of the past experience, most of the activities of the page, in the next PR update, PR up to very high, PR6 and PR7 are very likely. Imagine, just for a short time in advertising, in exchange for a will rise to PR7 high weights of the external links, cost-effective? So, only from the perspective of external links, the mutual promotion activity is worth.

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