nventory of the annual meeting of self marketing sing the marketing done!

[Abstract] sing a song, dance, play ugly can make their own brand of scraper, such leaders really rare.


text / Wei Jiadong (WeChat public number:)

January 16, 2015, Wanda Jingdong, will open the circle of friends, all kinds of scraper, first in January 15th because Liu Qiangdong 16 years ago led to the spread of video exposure to the annual meeting of the Jingdong second days later, the circle of friends to share is the financing and the future of Liu Qiangdong’s speech. But 16 days earlier a year will also concern, is a social news, the annual meeting is Wanda’s richest man Wang Jianlin rock concert, not only became a popular search keywords, major news media, but also to the foot of the face.

CEO, chairman of this year, which can get out of exclusion, self marketing, packaging is good, really, a lot of advertising.

Wang Jianlin

In fact, our side will

talent, too many people can sing, but the effect is not the same man singing, a lot of friends is also very admire his singing, I listen to the song "fake monk". He sings, quite interesting.

first look, what are the location of Wang Jianlin’s concert".


deadline for January 17th 22:30, real-time hot search fifth



China’s most cattle public number (I comment) Tencent news recommendation

this is definitely the best marketing of Wanda


Sina entertainment


modern express


Sina micro-blog topic, 4 million 855 thousand reading (deadline 17 22:30)



The content of

does not include the circle of friends in all walks of life in the visible scraper, a high degree of concern. Similar to the spread, in addition to their own resources detonated and the surrounding media, there is an event triggered by friends, the media spontaneous capture, share.

Ma Yun as acting

Ma Yun is the major CEO in the annual program in the benchmark, but also a lot of entrepreneurs model, every word will become the second day of the news of Ma Yun, his performance at the annual meeting also naturally caused concern.

his pictures of the annual meeting are scattered in the

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