Micro-blog forum marketing

first, the forum is to promote the platform

forum is characterized by free, free is a low threshold of the site, which provides a platform for a large user groups. Freedom of communication, propaganda. Forum brings together the majority of the Internet related groups, students, office workers, network, etc.. High popularity, the right to a major site optimization is preferred. Forum promotion platform, a brief analysis is as follows:

1, content: experience

because the forum topic more and more thorough. The user experience is a noun appears very high frequency, so this is not an empty talk. Website promotion, stand on the perspective of the search engine, the same theme of the site, spiders prefer; stand in the user’s point of view, the emergence of information on the industry forum, the greater the degree of relevance, people are more likely to view, click. Forum user experience is reflected in the content of the article. Rather than a large number of spam images of the watermark, or talk out of advertising. Forum to the user experience to do a good job, to win the favor of users. Therefore, the forum is a platform for the promotion of products.

2, industry: precision

exchange of experience and technical discussions on the theme of the forum is to promote the site’s best choice. The same industry forum website, the user needs high precision. Retain users high, relevance, strong viscosity. Forum always keep the industry. Forum specificity is very strong, clear classification. A powerful forum is the industry specializing in surgery. People are used to write their own experience to share the relevant modules in the forum. Forum is precisely the user will come.


, millet forum, which retain basic is the concern of millet mobile phone users, where they interact is always the first one, from this point of view the forum will keep the many meters, so this is not beautiful but it can firmly grasp the user forum. There are 2 issues related to millet, the first thought is also related to the official website of millet.

3, keywords: weight

forum to retain relevant industry website optimizer. Website promotion, external anchor text is the external website to the website to vote. Related forum is a very important factor in external optimization. High weight, high correlation of the forum, is a necessary means of external website optimization. So, the forum is a good platform for website promotion.

two, micro-blog is a marketing platform

micro-blog marketing has become a hot marketing tool. From the user activity can be seen that the effect is obvious. Micro-blog do product promotion, website promotion, to maintain a certain degree of interactivity, enhance the activity is very important. For the audience, effective, valuable information, it is important to share some good information to the audience, the promotion effect is to achieve the purpose of marketing is also more direct. Micro-blog marketing analysis features are as follows:

1, speed: fast

marketing is the most important

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