Secret society play hunger marketing millet special skills

we are talking about the process of millet phone sales, is the process of hunger marketing, whether it is intentional or unintentional, anyway, the user is the result of millet phone has been doing hunger marketing.


on the surface, hunger marketing operation is very simple, a popular applause surprise price, to attract potential consumers, and limited supply, resulting in selling false demand, so as to increase prices, earn higher profits.

but the ultimate role of hunger marketing is not to adjust the price, but the added value of the brand, of course, the added value of positive and negative.

says a little story about hunger marketing.

there was a king in ancient times. He was very rich. So his life, not only had a human but never all table delicacies from land and sea, know what is "hungry". But the food every day to eat, he became more and more have no appetite for a love to eat people, among the world’s most depressing thing so.

in order to eat the new delicious, the king issued a notice, said that as long as someone can offer the king like food, a lot of reward. The notice is issued, there must be rewarded under Isao, but offer the delicacy, is not the same as to his satisfaction, but he ate, he was eating.

in the king quickly lost faith, one day, to a chef, he and the king said that he knew of a world the most delicious delicacy, but unfortunately not easily obtained, must through hard work go to fetch it. In order to taste the delicacy, and he immediately decided to the king out of the palace, for this delicious.


two people travel over land and water looking for a whole day, and finally in the evening, to suffer hunger and cold came to a wilderness. At the moment, seize the opportune moment to put a chef Steamed Buns prior hidden in the tree hole was: "hard work pays off, we finally found!" hungry half alive King overjoyed, said nothing, immediately devoured the Steamed Buns ate it. After a Steamed Buns, the king had enough, any delicious feeling than previously eaten are delicious, he could not help but ask what the name of this delicacy called chef, chef told him, this is called "delicious hungry".

has a charlatanism obtained for many years, and on both sides of the Changjiang River, could be seen all over the country in the shadow of this trick. This trick is often under the banner of free, finally some worthless products sold to consumers in more than ten times higher than the original price, several times the price.

This trick is

in the lakes spread so many years without failure, because it will be used in the extreme hunger marketing. Kun Peng today on this case, for example, step by step to explain the four steps of hunger marketing.

The first step: attention

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