Our way of paying to start being affected by WeChat


drops and drops fast taxi software subsidies become neither painful nor itching behind them two Internet giants, the contest also temporarily ended. This is the two empty taxi software subsidy beneficiaries, many times I think, they spend huge sums of money in addition to bring short-term benefits to the user, what is their purpose? Is it in order to return the society? In fact they do not believe me, the most fundamental purpose is to compete for the user, in O2O mode is popular have more resources, let users used their payment to the consumer. (take WeChat as an example)

early strategy

is a Tencent with WeChat as a breakthrough, through subsidies to taxi software, allowing users to use WeChat payment habits, in order to achieve user aggregation, while allowing users to enjoy the preferential feel WeChat payment convenience. O2O model is undoubtedly the most important part of the payment, it can be said, who can determine the user’s payment habits, you will be able to grasp the opportunity to compete in the future. Empty speculation in part because the Tencent invested heavily subsidized taxi software is to allow users to bind and WeChat * *.

interim status

This is the

write this inspiration, today in the subway to see a self-service vending machine, different goods corresponding to different two-dimensional code, and then scan the goods directly out after payment confirmation. This type of sales is not only very innovative, but also to solve a lot of self-service vending machines only accept the small amount of rmb.

this way does not need to sell through WeChat developers, businesses can operate directly to customers. Now a lot of restaurants have similar services, each dish has a two-dimensional code behind, when ordering a direct sweep, and then calculate the total amount of direct payment. Many banks now perhaps because the balance of treasure and other threats or feel pressure, empty believe O2O mode until full after the arrival of the bank, the pressure will be greater, when many commodities can directly brush two-dimensional code payment, without the need to swipe like, will have a certain impact on the xinyognka business.

late conjecture

Tencent and Jingdong of the marriage despite its strategic significance, if one day, related to the Tencent of the mall, in each commodity landing stores are a corresponding two-dimensional code by scanning, you can pay for it. Not only save a lot of password trading process, but also faster and more convenient. Even said some preferential measures, such as scanning the two-dimensional code to pay a few discount or gift giving so, then the future will become the mainstream of WeChat payment. People have lamented the wisdom of the WeChat developer, a sweep function for Tencent to occupy a lot of advantage in the fierce competition.

final summary

In fact,

is now used to pay for those who are still relatively low consumption of the crowd, although the number of advantages can not be ignored, the amount of consumption of a single pen is still lower than the. WeChat is the future direction of the development of the design of some high-end crowd

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