Discussion on how to use the network to promote the brand

Chinese people often with modesty and virtue is not publicity, in the operation of enterprises, for a long time in the "sell themselves", "the emperor married his daughter to worry about" business principles, but today, this philosophy has some outdated information, in a big bang the times, if not to make their products or services from many competitors in talent shows itself, itself is a failure, not to mention the day after the development. To do this, the enterprise must grasp two degrees, one is known, is a reputation. Visibility and reputation are two important dimensions of the brand characteristics of evaluation. Good visibility, can let more consumers understand your business, product, service or brand, but can not produce lasting purchasing power of consumers, only do a good job in popularity on the basis of reputation, enterprises can obtain permanent interests.

With the development of

network in Chinese, more and more businesses have been aware of its enormous power, from the introduction of the last century, the second half of 90s, the network started the explosive growth, to the beginning of the new century, the network has entered a relatively stable period of rapid development, it can be said that the network and information has become a national one of the most important media platform for a time, the business alliance started publicity and promotion of services through this network media platform, the most common is the hard way of advertising website and search engine, theoretically speaking, the network advertisement has a very big advantage, it can use all kinds of technical means, so that advertising has a very large observability, for example, can be used in the form of three-dimensional film, product appearance, performance, etc. Information is displayed in front of consumers. Can also interact with consumers so that consumers pay close attention to this model, advertising, Internet advertising is the biggest advantage of certain technology can be used to force consumers to watch, is what we often say that the pop-up advertising network. In front of this form of advertising, the exposure rate is very high, but hard the advantage of network advertising theory in practice and did not show up, consumers almost cold for this reason, we can say that there are many aspects, but also lies in the characteristics of the network itself is a very important aspect.

                  we have just said, Chinese network from introduction stage to now, has been in a relatively fast and can even be said that the explosive growth period, this form can make Chinese Internet rapidly to a peak, but at the same time. The rapid development of network also brings some problems, especially on the Internet a lot of information, the information supervision system, and unlike the traditional media as perfect, so there are a lot of false information, affected by this, using the Internet to do brand promotion easily, but difficult to do but. Because in a large extent, consumers of some publicity is a certain psychological conflict, or in other words, to do a good job of reputation in the network, really difficult.

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