Network promotion trap not every channel looks so beautiful

for a long time did not write about network promotion articles, as personal webmaster, is more involved in the field of free promotion, since the property of relevant work, no more time to share some of the things.

Admin5 figure in the king’s internal group, talk to share and contribute to the topic, figure king thought, sharing is the cornerstone of progress together, if there is no knowledge sharing cannot be constitute the precipitation, see this dialogue, suddenly want to write in the first half of this year to the promotion of the experience and lessons learned, is to inspire you little Admin5.

is not suitable for every promotion methods; not every advertising model has effect;

A. not every promotion method is suitable for you

remember I used the pen name of publicity bird, wrote some network promotion of the article, the article lists the methods, more than a dozen free network promotion, then write out published in A5 after the reaction is still very large, then a lot of people with my QQ discuss what method can get pretty glad to be able to help you.

later found that, in fact, not every method is suitable for a unique promotion, when the face of dozens of people are known as an effective method of promotion, in fact, he is not only a step away from the promotion of the results of the failure.

in the network promotion, may be only a bigot to final harvest to the actual effect, will be one of the 1~2 ways used in the extreme, you can get a strong market promotion effect, can chew this sentence is very deep.

do not know you understand what I mean, in fact, network promotion with the reality of market development is like, if an advertising company wants to grow into a Focus Media that industry giants started hard or from a home visit to promote their own, for a newspaper advertisement today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow visit, telephone marketing, big after hiring a few college students in the corner to send such distribute leaflets, marketing thinking, don’t think failure is difficult.

and website promotion to long-term effective development, if write text, write the ultimate, write every day, write a few articles, more than a dozen, dozens of articles, released to you can think of all kinds of platform: a dozen such as Admin5 open publishing platform (need to review but the standard is not too high), open dozens of blog, hundreds of registered forum account, every day, every day, every day, every day, again and again, again.

two months later, if you do not want to have tens of thousands of the chain is difficult, your shop, your mall, your site, your marketing platform will quickly become the most popular vocabulary.

two. Not every advertising model has an effect

when a small company through the start of survival after the hands of the savings began to prepare into advertising, through the more widely spread to expand their business channels more.

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