These four points do not talk about community operation is nonsense

recently contacted many companies want to build their own community, these enterprises from the traditional catering industry to tall on the Internet education industry, from the grassroots to the start-up period of sitting on 85 million registered users of the giant, without exception, want to pass their own mode of operation of community fans or users.

customers, fans or community, in the final analysis is to see if you can manage those who are interested in your products and services.

in fact, careful care of your fans (or even just take out customers), you have the goddess of hormone secretion strong when half the enthusiasm, is enough..

but the truth is always unacceptable:

more companies treat their fans, often like the big aunt, once a month, a few days of hot, not warm Jin, who is toast each other between


or a year throughout an open day, send some small gifts, the whole point of red envelopes, you love charity for the fans, "Xie long en main", they leave Guixie " "


going on so much, just take this test a few can do, see you on whether there are fans like first love passion.

WeChat public number:

actually, for the public number of interaction, each fan in the heart of the " ego " think so:


once you interact with Kung Fu, is highly of you, not bored to tears. If you can not give me a feeling of grass root counterattack harbourside.. Next, you know..

don’t let me wait too long, the world is so big, the public number so much, I have no time to wait for you forever.

here, readily available to the test is that the public number in the input of a non keyword automatic reply to see how long can get a reply.


Although the trend of

micro, but has a natural media attributes of micro-blog, is not to lose the position.

because, here, your attitude to the fans, people’s eyes are open to the.

is very careful, cautious, you should have the attitude, because the slightest mistake, the fans will watch your brand in the naked night returned to liberation on the road, do not insult to injury is a virtue.

says, the loading force carrying frame, keep up appearances, fans will be away from you, because you don’t expect to sell adorable funny force, but also hope you can say " ".

When I turn your micro-blog

, you can do more, move the mouse, or I reply @


Lei can often reply to fans for you.

(hard, just >

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