Website optimization strategy should be adjusted with the development of the website

our website has been operating for more than a year now, paid a lot, but also harvest a little. Today, the boss said that the results of this month than last month at least doubled, it seems that we should be more bonus points. We have been doing the previous content, the chain, as well as the study and analysis of the user’s habits, the brand has been pushed to the site of the word has almost the same, the other data indicators are also very stable normal. Search our brand name, in the two major search engines can be ranked in the first or the first few pages, so it seems that we can still work early.

for a successful website, build brand awareness and flow that is necessary, but that alone is not enough, we need the website is more traffic quality, rather than the conversion rate of garbage flow low, or general how many IP, how many PV, all these can not explain no problem, what can not bring real change to us, because our ultimate goal is to clinch a deal. Therefore, we should be flexible in the process of optimizing the strategy to achieve this goal.

so what should we do at this stage?

first, we should seize a large number of long tail word ranking. Although the long tail word flow is small, but the number is much, and the conversion rate is high, can bring us precise user. Now we are doing is to use the platform to do these long tail word, because the weight of the platform is relatively high, but with a certain degree of authority. We are in search of a problem, the first row always know, so we use the platform to do a lot of long tail word. In order to achieve the user in the search for words in our industry, when the user is in front of our website.

second using the forum for precision marketing. Like before we just find a similar forum, crazy inside do the chain, the purpose is to lead spider. Now we should pay more attention to the quality. We all know that the forum is the most users, we can do is to use text to affect these users, how to turn these users into our potential users, thereby enhancing the transformation. So how do we find these users it requires us to have a precise positioning of the forum, as well as the positioning of our users and their website. We are looking for is that our website and forum will produce problems related to the forum, a high degree of active users, relatively concentrated, and most users forum and our website is the positioning of the user, only to find them, we can play in exhibition, using large amount of positive words to guide users.

third use soft Wen promotion marketing. Here is a kind of soft webmaster, after all a website always need to have the support of the chain, the webmaster platform of high weight, the weight of the chain is also relatively high, but also can exist for a long time, good maintenance. Another is the marketing of soft Wen, we need to carry out detailed planning and preparation of the article, such as

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