RSS promotion of website promotion methods

there are many ways to promote the site: Forum, personal space, blog, stick, know, and so on, these are more common by everyone. I do not know if you do not know there is a way, portal application more, this is the Rss promotion

RSS (Really Syndication Simple: simple information aggregation) is an information synchronization technology introduced by Netscape in 90s, is based on XML technology of Internet content publishing and integrated applications. The subscriber can be read by the RSS reader, but do not have time to the target site to find the latest information.

RSS application has been very popular in foreign countries, from the personal blog (Blog) column, enterprise site to the world class portal provides RSS based services, such as IBM, RSS Chinese news site, YAHOO site /rss, Microsoft and MSDN site.

From the perspective of

website promotion, RSS can make a web site by publishing a hyperlinked article title and the content of the website to "push" to subscribers to subscribe to RSS reader, similar to e-mail communication. The search engine also pay more attention to provide RSS information source website, because search engine spiders think this is a frequently updated content site.

recently, a U.S. research company named ten new trend of e-commerce, which is second RSS. Starting this year, online advertisers will use RSS as an important means of advertising. In China,, overseas edition and other mainstream media have launched a strong RSS service

RSS, as a kind of simple reading form in the era of information overload, provides news headlines and abstracts for users. It acts like a sieve for filtering a large number of web users "useless" information, so that users direct access to the news pages you need.

with more and more sites to support RSS, RSS has become the most successful XML applications. RSS has built a platform for the rapid dissemination of information, so that everyone becomes a potential information provider. Sina, Baidu news, Sohu, NetEase quietly started, you let us join together to polymerization.

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