The 7 lesson for entrepreneurs had a loss of 5 million

the same resources, while starting time, Chu made the famous game publisher, you will own a company to sell the hundreds of millions, but I lost about 5000000. Three years ago, when Chen Ao closed loss of 2 million, I said to a friend bought experience again. Sell the house, the establishment of fiery, by the end of 2015, fiery transferred to partners, and a loss of 3 million. What others tell you is a lesson, you have experienced what you experience, reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Talk about my continuous venture to get some insights.

do you really like what you do

in the dead of night, ask yourself, do you really love what you do? You really love what you do, you will really be invested, will crush, have no appetite to do your thing, a girl like you love, crazy love wish every moment, and she together. Love what you do, and you don’t want everyone to know what you’re doing.

do morning Ao, I am willing to tell others I do mobile phone solutions company; when do hot, I most afraid of strangers asked me what to do, you have to reply said he is doing business, the heart is not willing to tell others they are doing with adult mobile providers.

when you don’t like your career, you will not be a source of transmission, you can not let friends and family around you as a medium of communication, you can not let everyone know what you do.

when all the people in the world know what you are doing, you represent the cost industry. You will succeed when someone hears you in an industry.

does not like his career, is destined to do their own company.

two, your resources are not matching your career

my classmates from 2012 to 2014, the old section of the three companies, doing a car anti-theft tracking, a viewing App, a mall shop App, three companies make him a loss of about 10000000. There are times when your feet, he said: over the past few years old, do let me understand a truth, some things for you to do something for you, do you see other people do make money, you do too very well, it is likely that this thing is not for you to do.

just listen when I do not agree, a year later, it is true.

you are not suitable for the accumulation of resources to do it, even if you understand how the industry is making money, you do not necessarily go in to make money.

in 2011 when mobile phone design company, I assessed their own resources, the market is responsible for my brother, he has a lot of mobile phone company integrated R & D, several of my classmates in college, they have several years of experience in mobile phone design, 5 years of my clients are mobile phone design company, >

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