Why the original text content not to be seen

if a web site is likened to a new family, the family has three children. The most pleasing is the art, the site is beautiful, with reasonable color. Most children are cool technology, the user can bring different visual effects. The most unpopular content is not essential, and always marginalized and casually dressed, if not from the same type of website all copied. Not only is in the business of station construction, content not to be seen, in the process of the enterprise stand optimization, the content of the original equally unpopular. What is the reason?

children do not specialty


, I was very envious of those who dance or piano children, they are always the first time to attract adult eyes, and become a focus of family. I am just one in the corner to entertain the children. In website elements, pictures and technology that would talented children, users visit the corporate website to understand the products and services, so they first time back to the product or service pictures, will be the first time through the web interactive technology to communicate, rather than to see business news or industry trends. So, art and technology is those who have the expertise of the child, to attract the attention of the child, and the original site of the text, that is, those who are not ordinary children. No special child, no one will naturally concern and no pain.

children slow response

in the Baidu algorithm, for the promotion of content reflect the slow, you can through the blog or site of the industry, promote a lot of enterprise’s soft, but for enterprise site in Baidu ranking did not affect, but by means of the chain or page optimization, the site’s ranking rose rapidly. A method of slow response, a method of fast response, we will naturally choose the latter. Naturally no one would like to continue to create a lot of original. However, according to my experience, generally rely on the chain lifting up site, the ranking of the poor stability, the subsequent need for the same thrust, but rely on high quality content for Baidu site rankings, ranking is more stable, and the subsequent rely on content creation space large promotion.

kids too bother

rely on the original content to optimize the cost of the site is far greater than the cost of relying on other means of optimization. A SEOER day can release hundreds of the chain, but the original has a certain ideological content, one day of production is less than 10 or so, but also need the effort, the difficulty of the work is far greater than the chain release channels to find and copy and paste. The high cost of raising children, as well as the original content from one of the reasons to be seen.

no one understands

the morose and stubborn child, often unwelcome, understand their people is also very good. Like many people do not understand how the original. A network optimization company, most of the SEOER can not be the industry professionals, not to mention that the enterprise product technology is more understanding of the

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