Website construction scheme based on Marketing

wish you a successful website construction scheme based on marketing, based on the analysis based on user. Web site is like the facade of the network, and the location of the facade is good or bad, is determined by the location of your site.

based marketing website construction program implementation steps:

1 positioning customer needs. Different customers have different needs of the Internet, your customers are young students, young couples, or business owners, the customer’s personality is different, the query information in different ways, different types of Web sites is love, the query input keyword is different. List the customers most likely to search your key words, according to the user needs to design the corresponding page color, website columns, etc..

2 Analysis of user needs, based on user needs of the web site columns and content settings (to determine the column name, to determine the content of the service writing). Find common topics with clients. Web site planning to focus on customer needs to set up, to allow customers to be interested, and do not take the enterprise as the center. The monotony of the site content is unable to impress customers, to allow customers to further generate interest, it is necessary to elaborate on the content of the site packaging.

3 site implementation. The details, for the acceptance of users add:

about our page: detailed, true description of the company’s background, history, business scope, etc..

service process: to allow customers to fully understand the whole process, so that the service is more transparent.

customer case: customers are more willing to receive third party evaluation.

contact details: detailed, complete, multi way contact information, and provide location map instructions.

business certificate: the company’s business license, industry license, the relevant industry honorary certificate

employee photos: the company’s collective activities, reflecting the vitality of the company.

4 search engine submission. Submit search engine and follow up maintenance work.

Through the

5 site statistics system, wish you success for you free of charge for the most famous website industry is the most commonly used statistical tools, understand the customer in the website, search engine on the antecedents, according to background analysis, adjust the analysis of website marketing.

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