How do you understand the feelings of marketing, is right or wrong can only be counted by the times

was once the feelings of the hammer technology flagship brand marketing, compared with millet hardware fancier, feelings clearly more humane atmosphere, more in line with their old leader. Issued at the beginning of the hammer feelings marketing in the atmosphere is quite awesome, help hammer on the occasion of the birth of many fans have been captured. But things are not like that we can imagine, the feelings brought about development prospects enough to hammer, but also let the hammer fall into a forward vortex, over the expected height so that the hammer under too much ambition and a load condition, even a small mistake or even mishap may have let the feelings is no longer a modified catalyst poison, unfortunately, such things will eventually happen. Now the hammer including Luo is constantly in the reflection of what feelings wrong in what place, so why contrast before and after contrast, I think the same as the marketing we can find some lessons and experience from this, self encouragement and specification.

understand a: feelings can not simply act as a product value.

Luo is a charming personality, this rich experience no ground for blame, let the old law become a mysterious figure is ideal, the mystery that Luo gains a lot of yongcu. In the early development of Luo, use their influence to gather more fans, these fans because Luo Aiwujiwu, is truly looking for a hammer. Things are going to be all right now. But later, Luo blind connotation of feelings as the product, that little mishap and can not for their users and what impact, not knowing the problem again and again three, will let users began to examine their own feelings of loyalty marketing can substitute for the pursuit of products. But in fact, the product is the product, additional humanistic value more can hide the products as industrial design which gives intuitive user experience, a haven’t born is considered a "unique" label, plus Luo for millet taunt with feelings let countless consumers begin to imagine what is a hammer a kind of product. As a result, although the birth of the hammer, although there are bright spots but still not enough to support the desired effect, at the same time the problem of low production capacity and low yield hammer is pushed into the abyss. Just think of a product, its essence is in? Is not the product performance, if there are problems, you are how to convince the public? Have the order reversed marketing believe that not only make a person in the old.

insight two: blind use of the fans economy, ignoring the user’s feelings.


said earlier, Luo is an opinion leader, its undisputed voice in many fields. It is also for this reason that old can have relatively rich resources and for the fans, hammer technology escort. From this point of view, a far more than millet, Meizu and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers are much more lucky, because the user base has a hammer is richly endowed by nature, and then hammer for fans economy does not have a reasonable development plan. Thought >

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