P2P loan platform Baer venture was suspected of fraud investigation by public security organs


November 6, 2009, the Beijing Finance Expo, a P2P personal micro credit platform publicity slogans. CFP

[Caixin] (reporter Shen Yu) in the CBRC risk warning issued three weeks later, Baer venture capital (www.bellvc.com) became the first public security organs to investigate the P2P lending platform.

industry large scale Hongling venture (www.my089.com) on Friday to inform the media, the evening of September 14th Hongling venture overdue information collection staff responsible person was informed that Nantong Baer venture capital Hongling ventures website operators for overdue membership "mad cow". In September 15th, Hongling venture investors and collectors to cooperate with the police arrested the suspect. Public security organs are investigating this.

Nantong City, Gangzha Public Security Bureau is investigating the matter, but the relevant person just confirmed the site responsible person was arrested, did not disclose the specific case.

"if you are an investor, please come to Nantong for a report." Field investigators said.

According to

, Hongling venture vice president Wang chuhei introduced the real name of Chen Minggao (sound) users in many websites borrow malicious overdue, in Nantong opened a Baer venture capital network lending website, with various preferential conditions to lure investors recharge.

Wang Zhongping showed the suspect in Hongling venture on lending to the reporter, many loan in Hongling venture advance state.

"this person on our website do not have arrears, we will pay off the debt will be transferred to us investors. There are only 9 pages on our website, and on several other sites, there is no borrowing. When we monitor overdue borrowers, he found the name of his family registered a website to defraud investors’ money." Wang Zhongping said. Hongling hit the public security organs to report.

, "the site also has a variety of reasons to restrict investor withdrawals." Wang Zhongping said that the user on the site is not enough money to get out.


has left, Baer (Baer Jiangsu venture capital venture capital Agel Ecommerce Ltd) still seems all normal. The site claims Baer venture founded in 2010, is an innovative technology company in the development and operation of P2P financial e-commerce platform based, and a poor bank founder Yunus signs, and the banner of microfinance.

, however, said Wang Zhongping, the site is actually set up this year.

on the company’s website, on the surface of the wind control program, advance rules look quite complete. It is known as "a group of senior management and operation personnel, in strict compliance with national laws and regulations at the same time, urged its members of the information release and use of the process, to create"

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