How to do poineering work for your WEB2.0

        then, after a year of pain not the desire of life and death and the financing, planning and development of network application, your dazzling beta version of TMD finally almost (resentment ah)…… Now you think marketing time. Do you want the product lost 10 million users in the speed. Aha, you think, the cheapest and fastest way to do this is viral marketing – through blogs and social news stations. So you went to your favorite sites, digg,, TechCrunch, needless to say (of course, must say, hiahia) Read/WriteWeb. Somehow, your letter is entrusted with your infinite good wishes from thousands of email was also the wish email pinned infinite by Micheal Arrington and Richard MacManus (not introduced it) Notice, so your site behoove boarded their page, follow the trend of the leaders of the other people who like Blogger have to express their views! Wow kakaka, this is what you want (Money Power & Respect name, Yo Yo)! And so on and so on (music stops), you find that, after the past few days, your site into a complete silence. No one to talk about you, the site of the activities of infinity approaching zero, the new Bo body darling (corresponding to the media) Web2.0 program is something else.

      the nightmare of all entrepreneurs, isn’t it? But, unfortunately, China men’s national soccer team this (in fact, I want to say is menacing, fleeting) scene in Web2.0’s normal. Represents the following Alexa flow chart can perfect the case, this is a very famous example of this article to read TechCrunch.

      the cause of this situation is generally easy to guess, so many new sites of interest to the web2.0 service has been the reader will emerge every day to dizzying two even again and again; these readers will use a lot of procedures, but not necessarily be a long time of active users. That is why if you do not provide something that is very useful and durable, it will become fragile and quickly forgotten.

      the key to the problem is that your program / site is very important to promote the timing. Despite popular blogs and news sites is a good way to attract the attention of the community of users and VC, you have to know what time to show your own show. Here are some suggestions for entrepreneurs who need to consider marketing.

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