Analysis on how to pull events, social marketing

‘s incident has been for some time, but still remain in the hearts of the people fear, in all kinds of social platforms in UNIQLO seems at this time has become a hot "pronoun", can not simply say that this is a brand that is more like a kind of behavior or action, this is a terrible fuse. The event has occurred, UNIQLO also immediately ran out to clarify the facts, also denied that it is a marketing hype, but the event has social ferment, and help the waves, may be too fierce, the scene is not controlled in gander, it’s a done deal, it whether it is active passive or can be said to have is a reputation. Whether the incident or the lesson of blood, an inspired passage, should be worthy of reflection, so it’s a tipping point where is


UNIQLO event fermentation factors is crucial

out of thin air, the child is father of the man. Although UNIQLO event is a small case, then turned upside down why personal events will be fired, little personal event to the development of social problems, however, become the topic, and people have "follow", it had to be "tourist attractions". It should not be subject to scrutiny and marketing researchers explore! Things will cause, will have left traces, carefully explore can also be found in one or two, and this is social marketing, have no relevance to the topic, but why would pull together, worth ruminate.

is the key to do social event fermentation, regardless of is planned, or accidental outflow, should find the fermentation, that is to let the third play to your imagination, and this kind of imagination and conform to the event development, of course premise toward the good aspect to development, not bad for society, and actively play a positive energy. For it is love to watch, often is the lack of a busybody, there are a lot of fun loving people, these people are the key local event fermentation, if the incident silence does not smell, no one to care, no one to watch, this event is not to spread, will instantly be forgotten. All of this, and the existence of similar social marketing.

‘s marketing events tell a very simple truth, here are positive problem, an event to influence, fermentation is crucial, fermentation deeper recoil is stronger, find the fermentation components, will find a tipping point.

we just through the incident UNIQLO is analyzed, then the social marketing is sure to exclude the vulgar factors, find a point spread in common, for the absorption of social marketing, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. Someone said fermentation harbour evil designs, components are elements of pornography and violence. In fact, the negative news has more positive news than taste, fermentation ingredients are common psychological activities, often more easily than the fact that the rumors spread, but the social impact is bad, did not achieve the harmonious effect. These "hot spots" are all made up of the infinite conjecture

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