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blog, blog, the rise in 1989, until the 2000 was spread to China, in 2004 was accepted by Chinese Internet users. But now, ask the people around, as long as it is able to access the Internet, almost all have their own blog, especially now the younger generation. A few years ago, as long as they asked what the tide? Replied, you have your own blog that is the tide". Now, a lot of promotion gradually understand to hand the importance of internet blogs, because the blog RSS subscription number is large, and the traffic gradually improved, the number of comments it’s better not to say, the reverse link is also an important factor in the performance, blog search engine in the abnormal prominent. That made it the PR value so high. So it is a wise choice to use blog promotion now.

I had to learn is the computer industry, looking for work are also tied up with professional, working in Hefei, see the network company of Hefei network company beyond count, no one ignored the importance of the promotion in the blog. Why is everyone will use blogs to promote blog promotion? What originality? Today, I want to tell you is how to improve the network popularization in the influence of blog.

blog, like people, is also a small temper, if you decide to use it to promote something for you, then you have to take it seriously, with your heart to write blog. For example, write the theme and content if relevant, and determine their own areas of expertise, in the above, if you casually lie, I believe it will not achieve the results you want, first of all, no one will read your article, so your blog is not "popularity", that is how to promote. There is, each article you have to carefully check, even if it is a syntax error, text errors, you should promptly changed. Often updated blog content is necessary, so that people often pay attention to what you have to look at, it will not lose the old customers of it!

blog links, if used properly, can bring great results. Because there are too many blogs, blog links between the less and less, we should all have feelings. So, if you publish an article, others read after the opinions of his own, you may wish to link with them come in, so as to make a friend, but also increase the persuasive power, Why not?. Of course, basically everyone will only be willing to link more famous blog. On the contrary, when you go to comment on other people’s articles or messages, you can also add links to your blog, which is equivalent to your identity on the network, so that others can easily find you. From these two aspects of action, so you can use the blog to promote your site out.

these are described starting from my own experience, I hope you can give us a little help, although the content is not much, but very useful, if I have other experience, will be out and share with you, if you usually communicate, it can certainly help to Japan after the upgrade. Bi >

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