One Way Links outside the chain of commercial operation

first of all, this is due to a friend to do foreign stations, how do I ask SEO optimization, and he told me that in his English site, he used a payment of the chain service. Because he is English station, I simply looked at a friend English station page optimization is not good, is selling cosmetics, because the chain is not good looking for overseas and can not achieve good results, so the purchase of this chain service.

he gave me a web site, is his choice of service value chain, in fact a lot,, site of the descriptive text is probably to attract customers: One way links means that a web site links to your web site, but you don t link back to that "web site. One way links are also known as non-reciprocal links. One way links helps you to improve your search Engine ranking page rank & link popularity. The most important; facility we provide is you can select links yourself from our online easy to use control panel. This facility is provided specifically because members themselves know which websites are more relevant to their website and hence this helps in gaining more search engine importance.

you can increase the popularity of your links through a single link, by joining us to complete it. You don’t have to use your links to exchange links to any of the other people that you have created, and will get all links as direct text links to your site.

One links way means that the site is connected to your site, but you do not connect back to the site. Also called this way links are non interactive links. This connection will help you improve your search engine ranking, website weight, the PR value etc.. The site is mainly to achieve One way Links From Differen>

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