4C operation, so that the integration of fresh electricity providers out of the plight of sales

[introduction] recently a lot of people away from the Internet Co of entrepreneurs, many of them around agricultural products, fresh products such as cut, every entrepreneur continued progress in the difficult. How do we fit the consumer’s consumer psychology and how to carry out the sale of fresh electricity supplier





recently a lot of people running away from Internet Co, a lot of agricultural products, fresh and other products to cut, each entrepreneur in the difficult to continue to move forward. Some time ago to sell cherries, lychee, it should be in the sale of longan, the next stage should be selling oranges, oranges and so on.

fresh can take root in your target user base: 1 depending on the quality of your products, and product quality by the origin, natural factors, distribution cycle and other factors, will eventually produce differences in taste. 2 at the same time because of the differences in taste, have different taste judgment on product consumption control will be more sensitive to sweet, sour, may be a excellent quality products, due to differences in taste preferences, eventually the negative word-of-mouth appears. 3 logistics costs will push up the sales price of the products, small is difficult to have their own logistics system, the basic needs of distribution with the aid of the third party logistics company cold chain system, cold chain distribution will naturally increase the cost of distribution, and some even have a logistics cost to buy the product with equal value. 4 large pieces of goods can not be controlled, some large pieces of fresh products of different cutting parts to bring a different taste and consumption enjoyment, such as pork, fish, etc..

fresh consumer psychology is a typical thought that having low attention high involvement products, resulting in consumer behavior, probably because of a flash in the brain and mind will produce the product consumer driven, belongs to the immediate consumption, unlike other products can delay consumption, buy, wait a few days or even happened the month consumption will not reduce interest consumption situation, but the fresh is that want to buy to eat.

how do we fit the consumer’s immediate consumer psychology and how to carry out the marketing of fresh electricity providers can take the diamond 4C standard for fresh electricity supplier 4C deconstruction.

, CUT cutting, the establishment of a set of data cutting model, to ensure consistency of quality

such as fruit, the establishment of a set of data models, according to the size of the fruit size, different sizes cut into different types of standards, corresponding to the price. For example, meat, it is necessary to establish a fine cutting model and visualization of data systems. If take pork ribs, ribs of different size and the location of the length will not, because not size, not for data processing, may cause deviation of consumption, so how do we do, we can put the Pork Chop into a data model, consumers to choose the Pork Chop position, can the position and length of cutting with need not accurate to, through the refinement of the data model can guarantee the cutting.

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