The analysis of marketing strategy of small and medium sized enterprises foreign trade website

network with the development of globalization, the foreign trade website marketing in recent years has attracted much attention, the increasing importance of foreign trade export enterprises began to realize foreign trade website marketing, in order to quickly open foreign markets, establish a brand, occupy a place in the fierce competition in the foreign market, foreign trade enterprises must grasp the effective marketing strategy of foreign trade website this is a powerful weapon, to enter the international market, what kind of marketing strategy is a role of foreign trade website marketing


first, the export market for their own foreign trade market survey. Do a comprehensive marketing research for their export products in overseas market, industry competition situation, the overseas market demand, this is not only to understand the necessary procedures of the international market before export, reasonable market research ideas and methods will be throughout the export process, reflect a kind of effective marketing strategy and competitive strategy. Foreign trade enterprises from the following aspects of foreign trade website marketing: export market research, competitor survey, potential customer background investigation.

secondly, the development of foreign trade network marketing strategy. For the export of small and medium enterprises, their marketing strategy focus is mainly to foreign website construction and promotion strategy, or push each other to do with some related products, if we can do these three solid, do foreign trade network marketing is not so difficult to imagine, must deeply remember: website construction just play a role in paving the way, network promotion is really in expanding their marketing, to determine a good strategy, will be complemented to perform a series of professional methods.

in the website construction, we should use the humanized website design concept. Observant people will know the most popular web browsing is the largest number of websites, the marketing model is the product information, product trends, life and education information application oriented, and then further expand the business behavior. Because the purpose of the site is not only to allow customers to click on it, the most important thing is to retain customers.

finally, online promotion. In more and more network competition, the design and promotion of web pages is also increasingly important. "The promotion network, often on the Internet to cooperate with each other, make the website marketing planning should be considered and suitable for cooperative marketing products or consumer groups of similar sites, such as search engine login, general advertising exchange and WebRing etc..

as a new marketing channel, it has brought hope to many small and medium-sized enterprises, and even determines the many small and medium enterprises of vital importance. We can’t predict the network marketing will replace the traditional marketing methods, but because the price of this new marketing mode is cheap, easy to use, and can fully communicate with customers, it is bound to become the mainstream form of future foreign trade website marketing.

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