Jingdong fresh performance of the first 618 eye-catching performance of its own product orders is th

618 quality Carnival debut, committed to the National People "eat a little" fresh Jingdong during the entire 618 big promotion (June 1st 0:00-6 18 24:00), proprietary products orders is 6 times the same period last year! At the same time, the performance of the mobile terminal is outstanding, accounting for up to 88%. Female consumers up to 61%, occupy large tracts of jiangshan. On the first day of the 618 climax period, consumer enthusiasm, sales of 0:00 to 9:00 Jingdong fresh proprietary products over the same period last year, 10 times, with the highest growth rate of crayfish, is 50 times last year.

in the 618 big promotion period (June 1st 0:00-6 18 24:00), the Jingdong of fresh hot search list TOP5: crayfish, steak, fish, fruit, cherry; brand Top5 sales ranking: Miss Jane, sharing, Zhangzi Island, ocean family, Jubilee beauty seafood; single product sales ranking Top5: Jane shared Chile imports kiwifruit, Zhangzi Island Dalian garlic fans, Scallop in Shell Jubilee cooked frozen seafood import beauty of the Canadian Arctic sweet shrimp, fresh egg, domineering DQY love spicy crayfish. On the 618 day, frozen food is 9 times the same period last year, vegetables are nearly twice as much as last year, steak, kiwi fruit, scallops, lychee, etc. are also widely loved by consumers, an increase of gratifying.

Jingdong through big data platform, we found some interesting phenomenon: North District People’s favorite crayfish, which in Beijing city of Chaoyang District for the masses, total sales of the entire city of Shanghai; and in the fruit appeared in the great migration phenomenon, Southern China love to buy North cherry, favorite southern region of North China litchi; in order to meet the consumers around the world to taste the delicious fresh quality demand, Jingdong has done Australia steak served Sichuan ABA consumers, to the South American white shrimp for Heilongjiang consumers in Heihe, sent to Yantai cherry for Xishuangbanna consumers, for consumers in Lhasa sent to the king crab, even for consumers to send the Sansha islands spicy crawfish.

in order to ensure fresh delivery of fresh products, Jingdong rely on fresh self built logistics system, continuous upgrading and optimization of cold chain logistics, the whole process of cold chain temperature control distribution, access to consumer wide recognition. As of now, Jingdong has more than 10 fresh cold chain warehouse, the country more than 3300 distribution stations support fresh food distribution, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other more than 120 city.

Wang Xiaosong, President of

fresh food division, said the current Jingdong fresh purchase of users, more than 43.5% members of the gold medal and above the level of users. Relying on Jingdong Jingdong focused on fresh fresh platform, standardized process management, to ensure the quality of fresh products, high-quality products and high-quality service, consumer experience, and truly let all consumers to eat well, to make a demonstration for fresh electricity supplier standard.

industry pointed out that the Jingdong will debut in 618 fresh produce satisfactory answer, the system is closely related to the Jingdong’s strict quality control, and continue to expand and improve the supply chain system are inseparable; the future, Jingdong will rely on more efficient > fresh

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