Jingdong announced the results of a single brush brush arrangement was dismissed employees

Phoenix Technology News

news April 3rd, Jingdong mall announced this afternoon scalping processing results, arrange a single brush staff was immediately dismiss the relevant person in charge due to the presence of staff management responsibilities by internal punishment.

Jingdong said on Friday that the company’s internal investigation, the media reports, Jingdong official brush event. There is indeed a serious violation of the company’s business communication with employees and businesses, has been dismissed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant responsible person because of the existence of employee management responsibilities are also subject to internal sanctions.

had a net friend to report the arrangement of Jingdong employees brush merchants, increase sales of Jingdong mall. The staff said that the ordinary brush will be investigated by the site, but the brush arrangement Jingdong need to go through the approval of the leadership of the report, will not affect the shops. Jingdong relevant responsible person had said, for businesses to report the official brush Jingdong case, the unit is conducting internal verification.

Jingdong also said it would implement a more stringent internal management policy, the quality of goods to control, business management and constantly improve.

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