Burn more than Amazon in ndia a year loss of $260 million


] January 27th news billion state power network, Amazon India reported earnings for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, its sales of 10 billion 220 million rupees (about $150 million), is six times last year, but the losses up to 17 billion 240 million rupees (about $260 million). The main reason is that, as with the rival Flipkart and Snapdeal competition, it is this year on advertising and promotions to burn too much.  

Amazon India

it is understood that the Amazon India 2014 fiscal year loss of 3 billion 210 million rupees (about $47 million 500 thousand), sales of 1 billion 690 million rupees (about $25 million), according to the development trend of this figure, the Amazon spokesman declined to comment.

foreign media reports pointed out that in 2015, the loss of the Amazon India mainly from advertising and promotion, respectively, spent 7 billion 440 million rupees (about $110 million) and 6 billion 620 million rupees (about $98 million). It began operating in India in June 2013, the current loss has exceeded the native Snapdeal.

, however, the report also pointed out that because of the electricity supplier giants India holding structure is very complex, it is difficult to truly determine the specific number of their income and loss.

billion state power network has learned, Flipkart in the 2015 fiscal year loss of nearly 20 billion rupees (about $296 million), Snapdeal loss is close to 13 billion 300 million rupees (about $197 million). Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal these three major electricity providers basically control the electricity supplier market in India, the total size of about $12 billion 80%. Amazon is currently among the lowest sales, so it is trying to increase market share.

it is reported that the India electricity market to 2020 volume will reach 100 billion level, the giants are vigorously to reduce the cost of the product to attract consumers, but investors have cast billions of dollars into the market for the war. As a part of the total plan of $2 billion in December 2015, the Amazon to India station into 16 billion 960 million rupees (about $250 million), which makes the India market since July 2014 to reach a total investment of 56 billion 990 million rupees (about $843 million).

in addition, it is worth noting that the trend of India burn electricity supplier market for many investors to sit. Have a stake in Snapdeal’s vice chairman Nikesh Arora said in a public event on January 16th in India, its market strategy may be transferred this year, hope India electricity companies compete for market share rather than genuine goods at a fair price, by means of price war to grab market.

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