Monkey Sai Lei, Spring Festival mascot triggered national spoof why

"monkey cheek ray" a sudden fire, from the afternoon of January 21st CCTV released the 2016 Spring Festival mascot of the moment, the Internet will not idle hand piece, a 3D animation monkey fire, there is a spoof of the picture "monkey cheek ray" is really laughable.


things like this:

CCTV released the mascot of the year of the monkey spring festival, also wrote a resume, there is a master Han Meilin creation, called "Kang kang".


looked after the subversion of my perception of the monkey, read the comments I know, in fact, I do not think so, I feel at ease.


they said it was a traffic light.

I marvel at the wisdom of users, how can I see it?


(source network)

in fact, the manuscript is like this:


is still cute!


was adapted version of the 3D is really surprising,

I’ve been crying by it, and you?

many brands are not going to see it!

[Google chrome]








[Tu hand Toshow]




] administrative micro-blog storm mirror



brand had very hi, you see even Alipay play up, Gif animation is also doing well.

but the real joy is netizens, not only Tucao, but also played a spoof PS.



the following is the most widely forwarded,

doesn’t know which

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