Analysis of the most effective marketing model of local convenience website


now many webmaster in exchange, imperceptibly issued a do a website now is really more difficult, sometimes even spend a lot of energy, also carried out a long-term persistence, but also to the final failure! Indeed, after ten years of rapid development, for the grass-roots webmaster, a successful operation the site, know how to insist on is not enough, if you do not have the innovative thinking, has been difficult to now from the fierce competition in the market for local talent shows itself! Convenience net is more so! There are many local types, such as local communities, local portal, local network classification, local convenience network, local real estate net, between these different types of sites there are fierce competition, if there is no effective marketing mode, and how to occupy the local The following users to combine their own experience, analysis of some of the local convenience network marketing methods


one: Based on local and other types of sites to cooperate with each other

local convenience network the main content, classification of information, as well as a variety of second-hand goods trading city, flea market and so on, this information is often local and various different types of sites intersect, it gives us marketing from these local web site provides the premise, many people may say, peer is the enemy, who will let you in the marketing of their competitors website? But this conservative reflection has now completely changed, as we all know, grassroots webmaster if not close collaboration, not big market segments, it is easy to be the large website beat, so once you have the convenience of information network basic content generally, cooperation can and other types of local website


two: the use of large web sites, such as large communities and QQ group to marketing

core for the local convenience information network marketing is the local two words, now many large websites will have the corresponding local communities, both on and everyone, or NetEase, sina will have the corresponding local channels, where the channel is often to our marketing goals, we also can QQ group for marketing, now the number of QQ group has more than ten million, while the local group also has a considerable scale, through the search function of the Tencent will be able to find a lot of local QQ group, QQ group, and then quietly to join the QQ group, and then use your gab for marketing to your target user


three: offline marketing, often an important base for innovation

because our operation is the local convenience net, to allow local users through their own websites to feel life convenient! So through online publicity, often can play a better effect, for example, we can carry out marketing on the bus, there are a lot of buses and television media, through mobile media to marketing costs are much lower than on TV, but the effect is also good, the other.

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