Sina micro-blog once frozen third party tools micro-blog sync is open

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krypton 36

China’s Micro blog seems to be brewing a new war.

just saw a message from the Moonlight blog webmaster williamlong on Twitter:

dear developers, Hello: your application @ @ interface has been closed, the reason is: the contents of the synchronization to other social networking platform functions, in violation of relevant laws and regulations and policies. Would you please submit an application for re – opening of your application based on our recommendations and the micro-blog open platform application audit specification. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

at the same time, the well-known Sina third party sync client fawave and micro-blog have also been confirmed by the use of sina’s micro-blog API service has been frozen.


so what are these third party clients violating the laws and regulations?

fawave author thinks there may be the following reasons:

five, non competition b) plug-in application built on Sina open platform data, any data outside the prohibited and open platform, in any form or interactive view;……

Vi. the rights and obligations of

2 plug-in application providers in any way the development of robot plug-in applications, including but not limited to micro-blog account can bind multiple platforms, Sina micro-blog information synchronization to other micro-blog platforms.

micro-blog general said:

Sina micro-blog big bully, developers said: according to burn the bridge after crossing it disable data interface is more application Sina micro-blog open platform interface development based on Sina, micro-blog is ready to look forward to more developers to burn the bridge after crossing it! Pay attention, you may use is next to be stopped.

micro-blog is an ecosystem, the platform is on the one hand, and those in the development and application of micro-blog platform based on third party developers are critical to the success of the platform. 36 krypton will pay close attention to the matter, and update. Treat developers, is to treat yourself.

update 1:fawave is now available for normal use.

2: (micro-blog update update) fawave one of the authors (@Python fancier) called fawave has available again, but in a moment, you may find a little what. In addition, Sina micro-blog open platform to understand.

thanks Tingo broke the news

following Sina micro-blog application developer agreement:

Sina micro-blog application developer agreement

a, define

1 Sina open platform


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