14 years to turn over the CN domain name with a three year time to return to ten million

A5 station network January 24th news: according to Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest data show that in December 2013 the global.CN domain name registration total return ten million mark, reached 10829480, compared to November rose 1219909, is the 2013 largest annual increase for a month. The highest.CN domain name registration total is 14082553 in April 2009, then after the end of 09 at the beginning of 10 large-scale network campaigns and real name registration after the new deal, the registered amount plummeted, linear decline. The lowest period in February 2012 fell to 3319776.

2013.CN domain name growth trend


2013 December.CN domain name registration number

213 years,.CN domain name has maintained a good momentum, but the first ten months of ups and downs is not stable, always hovering in the range of 7 million -800. From the beginning of September showed a significant increase, the average monthly increase is close to 1 million or so, and eventually return to ten million share at the end, have to say is a thing worth rejoicing. From the view of the proportion of the.Cn domain family,.Cn domain name can be said to be thriving, registered a total of 8874726, the market share of 81.9% tall. Ranked second in the.Com.cn, the total registered 992580, the market share of up to 9.2%. .adm.cn domain name is ranked in the third, the amount of registered 713055, 6.6% market share. While other.Cn suffix domain names are less than 3%.

.CN domain name was able to return to ten million at the end of 13, in addition to 12 years in May 28th to re open the personal registration, began to reverse the slump situation, with the end of the CNNIC of the two initiatives are inseparable. Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in December 16th "on notice" Landrush keep part of domain name registration open, said the second phase CNNIC part of the reservation domain is open for registration, the stage allows all users to apply for the domain by way of bidding. Keep the domain name registration landing phase development from December 23, 2013 9 to January 22, 2014 24. Any natural person or an organization that can independently assume civil liability may participate in the bidding. CNNIC and.CN in the announcement. Part of the domain name registration open Chinese, then in order to further improve the national quality of the domain name registration service, CNNIC domain name registration on national audit related work optimization, October 30th.CN/.. China company. All the new network domain name registration, will no longer set the "ClientHold" analysis of suspended state. The introduction of the new deal, so that the.CN domain at the end of the rapid rebound, nearly 40 thousand reserved domain names into the market, whether it is to enhance the value of the.CN domain name or to the new user registration.CN have played >

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