Learn to buy the city learning network xue.net domain name.Com

                the largest private company — big companies to go through 58 person in charge Yao Jinbo quietly from the overseas repurchase in Southern China famous education website – city of the same name domain name xue.Com xue.net learning network.

media contacted Zhu Hongyi, responsible for the city learning network xue.net Zhu Hongyi said that xue.com repurchase showed the xue.net success and popularity in the business circle of concern;.Com repurchase and put into use, will not have the task effect on our existing business and brand; we are convinced that the xue.net from the operator to the brand is solid the xue.net for the users, to provide customers with the service can be tested and irreplaceable and have their own core; in the modern era of brand, the domain name is just one aspect of the brand is the need to have value of service capacity, the accumulation of the test of time and precipitation.

it is understood that Xue.net is one of the largest South Chinese education training site – City learning and business network domain name brand, was also a Tencent, Sohu, Sina’s annual list of education card brand, Xue.net registered in 1997, has been focused on the city education industry information service, 1999 began commercial operation, but also the Pearl River Delta to one of the country’s largest educational website cluster in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, the largest of its education portal: Shenzhen education online education online szedu.net, Guangzhou gzedu.com.cn, Dongguan education online dgedu.com.cn; and in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Dongguan three formed their own media, companies, customers, sales network four and resources.

xue.net as the first batch of South Internet Co, used in Shenzhen in 2009 the first China fair issued a national strategic expansion strategy, and in the 09 year of the Beijing China Internet Conference high intensive advertising coverage, look forward to build and expand the city learning network xue.net brand and market in the north, Phoenix, deep as some professional the media have given the attention and learning city network coverage.

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