The Ministry exposure 82 software, Tencent news, cool music list


[Edit] Wang Xuan / Ti media published the ministry before the date of telecommunications service quality bulletin show that a quarter of the Ministry of industry organization to detect 40 mobile phone application store shelf software, found application software problems 82, involving illegal collection of personal information, malicious suck money, the software automatically send SMS, forced bundling promotion of other related application software etc..

the number of forced bundling promotion of other related application software problems of software, Tencent news, cool music, Baidu mobile phone assistant, assistant flight belong to this category; without consent of the user, the user’s personal information collection and use of the software, there are direct traffic, car and other lottery topon; without users the software automatically sends out SMS, cleaning guru, eCall list.

recently there are user complaints, drops taxi and other software refers to the existence of loopholes in the registration audit. Users use the software called the car, the result is the black car, black car drivers also received a report after 20 times of terror and threatening phone calls.

the Ministry of supervision of the software market began to strengthen in 2013, titanium media "waving machetes malware, cut constantly tangled" one article had a detailed report. In 2014 8 Yuegong ministry has exposed 44 software, Android, Shanghai English wallpaper, find your sister are all on the list. After the announcement of the data, the Ministry reminded users: in the Internet through mobile payment, online shopping, carefully check the relevant information to prevent personal information disclosure and property losses.

Other data released in the

announcement are as follows:

1, as of the end of the first quarter, the total number of telephone subscribers reached 1 billion 539 million, of which mobile phone users of 1 billion 294 million.

2, mobile Internet access traffic consumption continued to grow rapidly, 1-3 month amounted to 764 million G, an increase of 87.9%; the average monthly mobile Internet access traffic to reach 295.1M.

3, the telecommunications service complaints for 15903 passengers, accounting for the total number of complaints accounted for 34.9% of the total complaints, customer service complaints accounted for the total number of complaints of 48.4%.

4, SMS spam reporting 21030 times, including commercial advertising, accounting for 31.3% of the total reported; suspected of crimes, accounted for 68.7% of the total reported.



2015 first quarter of the test found that the list of application software

serial number

app store

software name


issues involved


Baidu mobile assistant

storm video advanced skills introduction


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