llegal profit 70 million buy luxury apartments Knight attack group arrested



for a Bentley



A8L Cai Wen’s car, he is driving this car to Anhui



high of a luxury car, a white Maserati

they are a group of active online in 85, mostly only high school culture, but out of upscale clubs, with Maserati, Bentley and other luxury cars, spending billions of dollars to purchase office buildings, villas, they are a group of illegal "Knight", the industry called "Knight attack team". Today, the Corps safety supervision network of Chongqing City Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "supervisor") announced that, due to the implementation of network attacks, illegal profit 70 million, famous legend (a well-known domestic online game industry) "Knight group" planted. At present, in addition to the principal Hu Xiaowei escape abroad, 19 members of the gang have been arrested. It is reported that this is the largest case of cyber crime investigation since the establishment of Chongqing network monitoring corps.

network heard "ride" color

"Knight group" name, believe business Legend PW station users are not strange. Industry rumors, no one dared to provoke the Cavaliers team, who have laid off who will lay off the strength. Who is the knight group?

According to the

network monitoring Corps, "Knight group" by Cai Wen Hu Xiaowei (a pseudonym), led by Internet attack organization attack DDOS attack. The group’s main target of attack is the legendary advertising station. They through hacking, monopoly in soft violence, forced the station station will publish PW PW advertising agency with the "knight team" management, so as to extract high advertising agency fees, from profiteering.

At the same time,

has launched 4 attacks on the site, while the knight group also operates its own website. Since the gang began to operate in the legendary business, the use of foreign nickname for the knight, the pressure of the industry gradually called it the knight attack group".

take the lead brother is unemployed after 85

Cai Wen, 85 years old, Jiangsu, Haining, college culture, unemployed. After graduating from high school began to engage in PW website operation, advertising agency, understand the computer knowledge of industry mode and vulnerability at. Around 2007, due to advertising agency profit is too small, Cai recruited a number of computer experts, personally trained by him, specializing in network attacks". As long as there is no release of the advertising station does not listen to "hello", do not turn the advertising agency to operate with him, he ordered his men to attack in the name of "night group", until the other party to yield. Get the right agent, Cai take the price means of profiteering. By the end of 2008, CAI

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