U.S. version of the ring letter Helpshift was $23 million B round of financing

now more and more daily services are turning to the Internet platform, customer service has become a member of the tide. Provide customer service for the mobile terminal of the app day before Helpshift completed $23 million B round of financing, the company provides a SDK chat software developers, connect the user’s mobile terminal APP and customer service team. Through its customer service tools, Helpshift easily solve many of the online customer service pain points.


Helpshift to get the investment will further develop its mobile terminal APP customer service products. Thanks to cooperation with Supercell games, the service has now been used by 1 billion 300 million terminal devices. Although the APP side of the instant messaging is the killer application of Helpshift, the start-up companies also put their attention to other areas. According to Helpshift’s Abinash Tripathy CEO, these areas include anonymous chat, repeat content statistics services, voice service, intelligent chat robot, as well as a desktop version of APP.

with the expansion of the size of the customer, Helpshift increasingly found in the field of customer service to improve efficiency and reduce spending on new demand is expanding, that is to reduce the number of high cost manual customer service. The recent rise of chat robot hot just provides the solution to the demand. Helpshift now has a primary version of the chat robot, the company hopes to increase the development of the financing aspects of machine learning, thus enhancing the ability of chat robot, the number of customers to further reduce artificial customer service.

One of the most striking things about

‘s financing is that it has added two new strategic investors to the company, Microsoft (which is an investment through the newly created Microsoft Venture venture capital sector) and Salesforce. Prior to the investor Intel Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, True Ventures and Visionnaire Ventures also participated in the vote, making the total financing of Helpshift reached $36 million 200 thousand.

Helpshift CEO revealed that the company currently does not intend to publish valuation. This home offers free basic services for developers of the company has just started, although the service starting price of $185 / month, and with thousands of paying customers, the company is still not profitable.

CRM market competition is now in full swing. According to Gartner report shows that in 2015 the CRM software itself has reached $26 billion 300 million scale, Tripathy said, if the use of computing outsourcing services and software related services, CRM in the total investment should be 300 billion to 350>

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