The road of brand fame in WEB2.0 Era

in the new media era, the attention of consumers from the passive reception of information gradually into active search and sharing, in this equal media fully demonstrated the power of network communication "Share"

information society has brought about the explosion of information, along with the growing diversity of consumer demand, diversification and personalization, the new media has also produced. Nowadays, the mass media has stepped into the era of mass communication and the era of personal communication. The new technology and new media thinking are paid more and more attention. The arrival of the WEB2.0 era makes it easier to become famous overnight than ever before. The WEB2.0 brings more interactive, participatory, experiential, personalized forms of advertising communication began to pop, the era of mass media in the new media economy is coming.

WEB2.0: everyone can achieve the star dream

The arrival of the era of

WEB2.0 makes overnight fame easier than ever before. As long as the users personal works uploaded, then hype, it may become the focus of attention.

The birth of

WEB2.0 makes people for thousands of years by the repressed creativity to revive. A variety of websites, blogs, podcasts, BBS become more and more interactive platform.

and in this era of network flooding, people want to be famous and not as difficult as it used to be. Creating a personal brand on the web may be much easier than creating a corporate brand. The power of barrier free replication on the web can allow information to spread quickly.

network has many ways to become famous. For example, you can open their privacy for users to see, Zibianziyan can sing MV, can let oneself become pure and pleasant face mass star face…… Even if what is not, can also go to do a parody of the tape on the mouth, even with high heels to trample a kitten……

As for the

to be good or evil also need to hold their own. The only thing to keep in mind is that if a network star wants to stand for a long time, it is necessary to turn to the real world.

twenty-first Century is the century of new media

The biggest difference between

new media and traditional media lies in the change of the state of communication: from point to multipoint to multipoint to multipoint. The traditional media is the editorial decision reported theme, reporters gather facts, then packaged into a piece of news, to form a newspaper or a show spread to the audience, ordinary people because of identity, economy and technology, it is very difficult to mass communication. On the contrary, through the Internet, mobile phone text messages and other new media, anyone can be economical and convenient to disseminate information to others in many forms. The new media make the mass communication and the mass media format, and it is also undergoing profound changes.

Bill · Gates in "the road to the future"

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