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from a few years ago the popular blog, to nearly two years of hot SNS, people have been on the Internet to find a more interactive exchange platform, and now, a new thing: micro-blog to meet the needs of people came into being. Micro-blog to meet the evolution of media consumption habits, providing a new timely, interactive platform." Analysys International President Yu Yang says. The impact of micro-blog is not only reflected in the exchange and interaction, but also gave birth to more commercial value. Although the former was not rice, muttering and Tencent a unpleasantness, but now has swept away the haze, the Internet has opened a whole era of micro-blog.

The micro-blog

has been in be in full swing four portals mobilization type fall over each other to launch the micro-blog reflected. Sina micro-blog last August has started closed beta, Sohu, micro-blog also officially launched in April 11th, the Tencent has removed three years of operation of the new system of micro-blog launched a. NetEase micro-blog has been extended on the word to attract more users. Following the four portal micro-blog war was going on, like ifeng.com some large portal websites have launched micro-blog beta. Just a few years ago, the major sites are not far away from the blog, and now the major sites are not willing to miss the feast of micro-blog. Micro-blog’s value recognition has exceeded the year’s blog. Micro-blog wide horizontal diffusion is not limited by the spread of many ways to bring more users to the site. Flexible way to transfer business information, and e-commerce industry site interoperability, more business value to be excavated in the major sites.

portal scrambling reflects the future of micro-blog’s great value and prospects. For the website to promote network marketing, but also contains a huge marketing value. Personal webmaster has been spared no effort to promote the site. So should be aware of the value of micro-blog website promotion marketing. Today admin5.com stationmaster net news: micro-blog home page has been black burst NetEase Sohu, NetEase home users broke the news at eleven o’clock appear horizontal line, suspected of being hacked, CSS home page style is modified by. This message is basically the first time after the issue of NetEase home page was released. This is the gateway news or blog can not do. And the spread of the spread of the form of micro-blog will also allow the news quickly spread to more places, so that more people know. Concise, clear, to the point is micro-blog word propagation characteristics. If it is the use of the first release of the NetEase was black news, and in addition to the news of their own web site, or a brief publicity of their products and services. If you have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fans in a micro-blog, but also a lot of users, so the effect will show explosive spread outward expansion, destroy all blocked the flow of information barriers.

micro-blog era has just begun, several major portals micro-blog each have their own advantages, the future which is also difficult to determine what the best. And under the supervision of the policy, the ability to survive better, whether the value of the business will be better to dig out the need for further operations to see. But >

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