How can sell 5000 boxes of honey

if you are my WeChat friends know I recently made a recovery to honey products, when 17 afternoon I will test the product, what will be the effect of the 18 afternoon I finished nearly 5000 boxes of sales. I did not expect to sell so much, in fact, I was able to feel the 1000 boxes have been good.

now and share with you, I hope that this case can help to you, some time ago I began planning for a predetermined time honey products, released on the first day, the day to complete the sales of 5000 boxes, and the sales is not used my own company resources, only in a WeChat above there is no personal resources, including WeChat public No. I, and we in some resources at PC, which is a completely personal micro signal inside resources.

when I publish this data out, many people ask me how to do, first of all, I want to say is how will have such effect, then I analyzed, in fact this effect I also feel more accidents, I also did not think so much, my budget is will this hundreds of boxes, because before it did not send what products, this operation is completely just to propagandize the mentality, but the effect is certainly a reason, right! So we need to find the reasons. To find the reason for this core, we put this thing to enlarge to do, we will be able to do a good job to do this thing. First of all, the analysis of the first may be related to the long-term establishment of my personal brand is a certain relationship.

is now a lot of people doing personal brand, in 2014, from the media to do really fire! So many people are doing in 2014 from the media to fishing gold, for example, received a membership of one thousand dollars and two thousand dollars, some even tens of thousands of pieces, everyone from the media praised a concept just want to start, there must be people, most people say I contacts more Niubi or my method is good, because it is just the rise of the micro electric industry, a lot of people want to make money through this way, so they do a lot of media are making money. But in 2014 a personal brand from the media more chaos, a lot of people are not too many practical things, after others money, found in it didn’t go after what is in the dry cargo, group chat, bragging, plus the main social experience and practical experience are relatively small, so share value is not high, so in 2015 the media is some recession.

why would I tell this from the media to do the opening for it, you know, as a derivative of words including me, a person can sell thousands of boxes a day, and personal brand is very important, if there is no good personal brand, can not be sold so many boxes. So, you as a micro business came up with a single word, and the personal brand is a relationship, because it is relying on personal influence to a single, familiar I know, last year I did from the media, then the company expanded.

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