Research 2010 Q1 China search engine market size of $1 billion 910 million

According to iResearch

will be released in the first quarter of 2010 the search engine market data show that in 2010 the Q1 China search engine market revenue size of 1 billion 910 million yuan, an increase of 46.5%, the chain fell 3.1%.

quarterly conventional factors and events together to pull down the market

iResearch 2010 Q1 China search engine market decline is: first, the Spring Festival holiday Q1 lunar impact, significantly reducing the amount of user network access, click billing search engine advertising revenue to reduce; second, Google Q1 will be transferred to Hongkong Chinese service domain ( of the incident. On the one hand, to a certain extent affected the part of advertisers, especially large brand advertisers put; on the other hand, the instability of the search service has also affected the advertising cost schedule.

search engines accounted for the proportion of online advertising market size was 30%, up by 1.7 percentage points

according to the latest data released by iResearch consulting, 2010Q1, China’s search engine market size accounted for the proportion of the total size of the online advertising market was 30%, an increase of percentage points compared to 2009Q4. Compared with the first three quarters of 2009, a decline.

Why is Ari

analysis of 2010Q1 search engine market size of online advertising market size ratio is lower than the first three quarters of 2009 decreased: first, short-term adjustment, the core operators in December 1, 2009, Baidu promotion system fully switched to the professional version, in the short term, the scale of revenue will be affected; in 2010 Q1, Google will China service to Hongkong the site, its advertising revenue thus affected; second, lead to different forms of advertising to pick up the degree of the second half of 2009, the real economy and network economy gradually warming, previously affected by non search engine advertising to pick up larger is more significant.

iResearch expected short-term adjustment caused by the 2010 Q1 operators events of the search engine industry will maintain continuity in Q2, the search engine market scale in the proportion of total Internet advertising will be significantly improved.

request scale quarterly decline of

According to iResearch

user behavior monitoring system iUserTracker the latest monitoring data show that in 2010 Q1, China web search request size is 49 billion 180 million, a decline of 8.9%. iResearch Q1 2010 Chinese web search volume is a reason for declining the request regular seasonal factors, during the Spring Festival in Q1, network access time decreased the scale of which is affected by the request. In addition, iResearch believes that Google Q1 events, did not make the request size significantly affected users, " novelty " search behavior to a certain extent offset by not normal search traffic leads to decline.

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