Affected by Ali ah Yao Jinbo 6 digit acquisition fast domain name

renamed China ( February 23rd hearing, it is reported that the tone of the word "fast" domain name has completed the transaction in the day before, "L.J.H said," according to the seller the buyer, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city, and the Alibaba before the "yes" brand name trading at high prices, the sale price reached 6 digit level.


: WeChat news

query Chinese renamed whois information, the holder of the information has been changed to 58 days ago in the city. Recently, the domain name is terminal tone words favored because quite down to earth, in the domain name market on the market have higher. According to the seller, L.J.H said, by the impact of millions of transaction case, to sell such a price".

figure: domain name whois information

is not clear Yao Jinbo’s acquisition of "quick," domain name will be used where last year, 58 city layout O2O launched a new domain name enabled combination project 58 home, the acquisition of and whether it is for the layout of O2O


development, the domain name "L.J.H" is now in the hands of the seller also holds "rent rent", "first love" and "proposed" Pinyin domain name.

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