Qihoo with 360 digital Romance 1360.com game platform low-key debut

domain name news: some friends broke the news, the Qihoo 360 has been low-key opening of the new domain name, 1360.com, to build its own open platform game. At present, through access to the domain name, can be found in the home page hit "more secure, more open" slogan, in addition to this website also marked the demo center, open platform, game center entrance three classification.


according to the Whois query, 1360.com as early as April 28, 1998 when it was registered, has been nearly 14 years of domain name history, the most recent update of domain name information in October 26, 2011. The 1360.com/.cn/.com.cn suffix are Qihoo in the bag, while the 1360.net is pointing to an enterprise in Taiwan’s official website.

1360.com was acquired by Qihoo 360 in 2011, when the media broke the turnover of up to $100 thousand, the domain name from the point of view of materials and 360 only "1" word difference. Can see the Qihoo 360 to enable 1360.com to launch the game open platform, is to borrow 360 brand Dongfeng go farther.

360 is equivalent to the mathematics of the 360° and a circle represents the perfect, full range, from the beginning to the end. From the Qihoo’s use of domain name strategy, the Qihoo to bring the "perfect" in the end. It is worth mentioning that the Qihoo 360 now has 360.cn, 3600.com, 1360.com, 6360.com and other dozens of related and 360 brands of digital domain name.

digital domain name in the country’s potential terminal market is infinite, has a higher commercial value, belonging to the market hard currency, common in the site navigation applications. According to love net statistics, the digital domain name in the domain name market transaction number just below the Pinyin domain name, domain name and short digital is highly sought after enterprise, trading market is very hot.

from the A5 information content partners love net (22.cn), please indicate the source.

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