China in March first weeks.COM domain name up to 6541667 ranked second

IDC network ( on 17 March 03 reports: according to the latest data released in the first week of March (2014-3-4 to 2014-3-10), the total.COM Chinese domain reached 6541667, ranked second, but the development momentum is still good, the net growth of up to 53804. In addition, the first by the United States has no suspense in the income capsule. Look at the following IDC comments on the detailed analysis of the data.

(Figure 1) in the first week of March the world’s total number of.COM domain name list TOP10

can be seen from Figure 1, in the first week of March, the United States monopolized the momentum is still strong, far behind the runner up of the China, rising champion. From last week, the top 10 of the world ranking has not changed, the third is Germany, followed by Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, the Cayman Islands, spain.

(Figure 2) in the first week of March the world’s total number of.COM domain name list TOP10

, as shown in Figure 2, in the first week of March, China’s.COM domain names rose in the top ranked first in the top 10 countries, an increase of 53804, maintaining the momentum of last week’s rise. But Canada, which is not the same as China, continued its negative growth in the previous week, down 9995 this week, the biggest drop in the top 10. The same decline in the country as well as the United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Cayman islands.

in addition, IDC also focuses on the network review, Australia has a negative growth in the last week of the phenomenon, a decrease of 2306, but in the first week of March, it was quickly get rid of the negative growth trend, an increase of 168, so the change, people can not help but guess what the future will how to develop.

is of concern and the United States, the total amount of.COM domain it has been ranked first in the world position, but the net growth in the first week of March still anirreverent rapid growth, indicating that the US users choose.COM domain name registration will not weaken, a good momentum of development.

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