nternet lottery or restart in the next year, small players will face reshuffle

from the beginning of March last year, from the Internet lottery ban for 1 years and 8 months, a few industries, was banned in several cases, also let the capital in droves. Any wind sways grass on the Internet lottery, will have to make the capital market volatility. Judging from the recent market news, the Internet has entered the countdown to restart lottery.

last month, China lottery "13th Five-Year" planning has been finished, and the plan mentioned in the case of legal compliance to restart the Internet lottery, and the issuance of more licence. Not only that, the Ministry of finance of the net sales of lottery ban file due to next April, so many companies have to take precautions.

A $10 million investment in music as sports lottery octopus

before, after Ali spent 2 billion acquisition of AGTech layout 500 lottery lottery, recently launched a new version of App mobile phone lottery, and the lottery launched a Jingdong to grab a coupon lottery service.

giant menacing, small game player in the lock up period to play the "edge ball", with the most common O2O sales model, recommend business also will be developed.

in the lottery industry disc, this "peibenzhuanyaohe" behavior just to keep users in the "dark period", once the lottery sale, users are not sticky on these platforms, it is difficult to maintain, or will face reshuffle.

large companies struggling to support small companies Starving people fill the land.

in the sale period, many large companies in order to maintain their livelihood, mostly launched expert consulting services and virtual lottery lottery business activities, some are also playing the "edge ball" to play O2O platform, more small companies have closed.

in addition to 500 lottery network limited to pilot, some platforms such as the sale of color: Aussies lottery treasure, have launched their own sale of color O2O software, some small websites are under the O2O banner of showmanship, so many lottery betting can still no customer service, through the online channel.

this also led to the regulators pay close attention to. According to statistics, the State Sports General Administration has repeatedly ordered the ban halt lottery O2O, which settled some of the big platform O2O site is particularly serious, a number of provincial sports lottery center and packer notice command pointed out that some enterprises in serious condition, on the site of sealing machine.

since then, some of the lottery O2O began to transition to the lottery recommendation, from the beginning of a person recommended lottery development to independent App operations, at the same time, more and more large enterprises have joined.

said the recommended lottery industry veteran Zhang Zhe of sina technology, recommended in the lottery lottery industry called "selling materials", this model has been around in 2000, but has been tepid, the network color is not before the ban, he also moonlighted in several network color expert analysis, but is to raise awareness of the obligations of the form. However, with the network color ban, "sell" the fire started.

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