YAHOO’s acquisition of Jordan site into the Middle East turnover of about $85 million

August 26th, according to foreign reports, the Yahoo Corp moves frequently, following the July signing of online advertising and online search agreement with Microsoft, 25, announced the acquisition of the popular entrance website Maktoob, enter the Arabia market, while upgrading YAHOO e-mail, real-time communication and network search service, Microsoft Google, and show signs of competition.

Maktoob and YAHOO has not announced the details of the transaction, only said it expects to complete the transaction in the fourth quarter, but according to technology blog quoted unnamed sources pointed out that the transaction amount to $85 million. Maktoob was founded in 2000 in Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia has more than 16 million 500 thousand users, the Arabia world almost every three Internet users in one Maktoob.

this is the first time YAHOO offers Arabic service interfaces, including real-time communications and email. Arabia is the network usage in emerging regions of rapid growth, YAHOO’s main rival Google had to enter the Middle East market, both for the population of more than 320 million, the national average income in the global market is among the best in the best of spirits.

Maktoob, co-founder of Tuken (Samih Toukan) said that between the Middle East online advertising budget is between 40 million to 50 million U.S. dollars, in the financial crisis, this year is still 30% to 40% growth rate, in a few other areas of growth.

addition, the monthly traffic of 500 million passengers Yahoo Corp is also committed to upgrading the core services to stimulate online advertising business. YAHOO redesigned email to add photos and social networking sites on the web features for users to update their online friends at any time.

YAHOO’s new version of the real-time communication software is the main high resolution video services, users can hinder the full screen image, and face to face friends and relatives.

In addition, YAHOO also launched a new web search page, according to user needs to enhance the accuracy of the search, is still in the test

. Connet, vice president of YAHOO search and product design department (Larry Cornett) said: "the future will build the search results and online advertising in the window to the left, now replaced" the presentation of clusters, allowing users to find really looking for information." At the end of July had YAHOO and Microsoft signed a ten year contract, will be able to use Microsoft’s new search engine Bing and online advertising, and Internet search giant Google competition. Now YAHOO tricks online upgrade service, YAHOO senior vice president of strategy Gefan Lei (Prabhakar Raghaven) said: "the Internet search market competition is too fierce, we believe that this is not limited to the front." Silicon Valley research firm Enderle group analyst Andre also said that Microsoft is to buy YAHOO’s back-end services, and now YAHOO has money, on the

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