Liu Qiangdong the 4000 word text on O2O and electricity supplier in the future

in O2O and B2C as the electricity supplier the meeting of wind and clouds mark, founder of the largest electricity supplier Chinese, Liu Qiangdong how to judge the trend of


in the near future as "rich" preface written by American edition, Liu Qiangdong stated his opinion on the development of O2O, on the big data, the understanding of "Internet plus", and prospects for the future electricity supplier. In the text, Liu Qiangdong Jingdong contrast the world’s top 500 WAL-MART. He said, "as long as you think you can do to bring value to the customer, you go on, do not look back!"



| Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong

I have said, unless one day, all the goods you need can directly print out the 3D, and send home, or retailers, the meaning of existence, is to constantly improve the efficiency, reduce the cost of intermediate links, to create value for consumers. In fact, this is the Jingdong to build the self seeking electricity supplier system efforts to pursue. We build warehousing logistics, reduce intermediate links, is to hope to lower costs, lower losses, to bring consumers lower prices, greater value.

of course, as WAL-MART had encountered from the aspects of the system, such as intervention, Jingdong this efficiency is also beginning to be affected by the pressure from the traditional distribution system. And Walton (founder of WAL-MART) against similar criticism, but also gave a great encouragement to explore the Jingdong in this direction. He bluntly pointed out: we are only responsible for the customer, only customer satisfaction, your job is guaranteed, no one should be responsible for the livelihood of others.

also, because of confidence in their business model is tested, can create value for customers of the Jingdong, in order to calm the face of the growth process such as "shadaheicu", "capital chain" and so on misunderstandings and doubts. Interestingly, we found that on the rise of WAL-MART Road, this kind of misunderstanding and criticism, sometimes is beneficial to a new retail model, it allows WAL-MART to develop rapidly, unnoticed soar, also let the Jingdong in not to be understood in the case, to create a unique and others difficult to go beyond the competitive advantage.

Mr. Walton is proud to say that no competitor has been able to sell such a large amount of goods in a way that WAL-MART is so efficient, nor can it reduce the cost of construction to a level as low as WAL-MART…… Today’s Jingdong can proudly say that we are in the management of the library is a large traditional retail establishments nearly 100 times, we will reduce the cost of the traditional retail industry by up to 50%.

road to Jane, the same thing, the first practice of WAL-MART gave us more confidence. But it is also based on their own business model, I do not even like the old Walton, so much energy to study competitors. Today, I consider more is that the rapid growth of the Jingdong, while maintaining our proud and efficient, in the electricity industry in the borderless.

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