BBCs Mixital Platform Encourages Who Class Fan Fic

first_imgStay on target HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Writing for a long-running, award-winning, iconic television show isn’t as easy as emailing a resume and some published samples.But the BBC’s Mixital platform is a good start.Launched nearly two years ago as part of the company’s Make It Digital campaign, Mixital is an online portal aimed at simplifying digital making for millennials.“As part of our new Mixital platform we’ve given our audiences the tools to get creative with some of the BBC’s biggest brands,” Martin Wilson, head of BBC digital creativity, said in a 2015 announcement. “It gives them the chance for the first time to create their own content based on the shows they love.Shows like Doctor Who and spin-out Class, which are popular among Mixital fan fiction writers.“Create your own stories” set in either universe, the site says, inviting people to participate. “Write, share and support each other.”Itching to get those plot points down on paper? Start with a blank page or standard story format and watch as your word count grows. First timers are allowed to cheat by opening a TV screenplay template, complete with examples and suggestions.The distraction-free platform lets users style text, add bullet points and numbered lists, set a time limit, export work as a PDF, and work in “night mode” (white text on a black background).“Mixital is designed to be a safe, fun space to experiment, build confidence and showcase work publicly,” according to Wilson. “It begins by viewing other people’s work for inspiration, leads on to re-mixing and then finally having a go.”Learn from the “best” by browsing featured stories on the site and perusing Mixital’s tips for writing from the folks who know: Who showrunner Steven Moffat and author Neil Gaiman, as well as Class Creator Patrick Ness.Creations can be saved privately or shared publicly for comment and re-mixing.Check out Geek’s latest recaps of Doctor Who and Class, airing Saturdays on BBC America at 9 p.m. and 10:05 p.m., respectively.Stream all of Doctor Who now for free with your Amazon Prime membership.last_img read more

Bored Millionaire Funds RealLife Private Island Battle Royale

first_img I say this a lot these days but some people are just begging to have their wealth redistributed. It’s true! Some rich people are clearly so bored and wasteful with their incalculable amount of money that they are practically asking for it to be snatched away and given to those less fortunate. How else would you explain the fact that right now someone with too much cash is currently trying to fund an actual battle royale tournament?On a site called Hush Hush, with the exceptionally sinister tagline of “the world’s leading luxury shopping marketplace,” an anonymous user is currently seeking designers for a full-on battle royale event on a private island, and is willing to pay £45,000 to make it happen. Presumably, the designer would spend six weeks adding fun sets and props and arenas to the natural environment in order to make the game feel like the more whimsical Fortnite or the paintball-esque PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.But make no mistake, a battle royale in the real world reveals the bloodsport nature inherent in the genre’s premise that no amount of loot boxes or flossing emotes can gloss over. Go back and watch Battle Royale (the movie) and see what I mean.With battle royale games being so popular though we doubt this project, if it’s even real and ever actually comes to fruition, will have that much trouble finding help as well as contestants. It promises a three-day gauntlet (with food and camping gear) where entrants shoot each other with Airsoft guns while wearing touch-sensitive body armor. Sounds like you won’t be jumping out of a plane though. The sole winner will earn £100,000.If that sounds good to you, head over to Hush Hush to help make it happen. In the meantime, I’m going to go read “The Most Dangerous Game” again. For more on battle royale games read about Tetris 99, the best battle royale game, and here are some other games we think would benefit from battle royale modes. Stay on target With ‘Borderlands’ Crossover, ‘Fortnite’ Just Ad…Get Used to ‘Fortnite’s’ Powerful Mech Suits last_img read more