Network promotion of bidding optimization articles (three)

three, biddingkeywords creative description. This is the keyword effective interpretation, the relatively small number of words. But it must be effective interpretation clearly, achieve the effect of publicity. This is the role of creative description, highlighting the need for effective.

now, the bidding system used a phoenix nest, dotting and so on. Is the main competitive bidding, to achieve a certain effect. In the auction, a variety of factors need to be considered. Through the summary of effective bit by bit, to achieve a set of keywords. In contrast, the bidding system will have some auxiliary tools to help for people to analyze keywords quality problems of words. read more

Love Shanghai to check illegal code changes after the account has been bidding is not audited by how

1, illegal content or links

the following summarizes several possible reasons.

QQ, love Shanghai forced pop code search results, QQ code, secretly intercept visitors mobile sites get visitors contact code, are suspected of belonging to the "malicious code"! For which we can easily find out, are generally exist in the JS file is loaded directly on the page, but also some are confused by the JS encrypted JS file is loaded, relatively concealment. Is the best annotation code here that delete. Don’t give love to Shanghai to check the excuse to leave, "luck". read more

The rapid increase of TAG tag traffic to your sites

TAG label right? Small series with a more popular words in fact TAG tag is a fast and convenient way of classification, take the love of music in Shanghai, we look at the classification label.

(a) of the user experience the benefits of working.

the following Xiaobian take you a specific analysis:

(two) of the website optimization work benefits.

present everywhere some large sites have been skilled in the use of a TAG label, Xiao Bian today here to discuss this topic with you is because many small sites often easy to overlook the role and benefits of the TAG label, even don’t know how TAG tags can bring benefits to the site, so small today the series to share with you. read more

Optimization method of Sina blog

blog, is a very long history of Shanghai dragon, but through the case below can be really know how to do blog optimization. A lot of people say that blogs have been prevalent, which Shanghai Longfeng owners have not ten blog, the number is important, don’t love Shanghai without your blog, more is a waste of youth. Carefully do 10 blogs and 100 are not included than you, not the weights of the blog to reason.

3: website, Sina blog included is very good, insist on the blog maintenance and a half months, after half a month even if you didn’t go to the maintenance, the blog is still very strong. Here is the premise of the weight of your blog to do, on the ranking of the long tail word and the keyword can row flow. Don’t forget to go to the other blog that "drop in" here why want to say, the reason is very simple to look at people, they will come to see you, the key is you left a trace of URL, careful friends will find, said here is unknown. Here I hope you don’t protect the Internet environment in people blog advertising and the chain of hair. Good blog content and a lot of people will help you when you reprint the so-called natural day chain is produced. read more

How to optimize the site keywords


position, we all know the keywords is to guide the search engine better website crawling and exist, so in order to make the function of play the most incisive, we can put the key words according to their importance from left to right order in descending order.

In recent years We all know that

settings for each page keywords should not be set for the enterprise station, because the page is less, we can be set on each page, but for other types of sites we need only an important page of the site is set up on the line, such as the first page, column page, channel page, project page etc.. read more

How to make your article is fast included

included one reason: people with striking and search habits of keywords and title, the title is the first part of the article, but also love Shanghai search engine first to grab the information, like the first impression, the title of the selection will often affect the search engine to the judgement. Therefore, the title of the article must have effective keywords and long tail keywords.

has recently been busy writing my blog, is also concerned about their own blog ranking, daily have fixed update blog, but rarely found to be included in the article, the blog ranking can not go, then a push, push 28, A5 station network and other well-known forum articles for study and some analysis, summed up some of their articles are in terms of rules, I hope to share with you, and useful to everyone. read more

The new Shanghai station dragon concept optimization topic model



· import links (chain) are more than enough to

· to see whether the target keyword density

· use H tags to the keywords into

content attribute

but experienced Shanghai dragon and website owners will soon find these techniques seem unable to impress the search engine over. Yes, these are 8-9 years ago techniques to optimize the content in the station, now must be how to make search engines understand the core theme of the page, which is also the core of today’s article i. What is the theme of the read more

On my blog revision factor includes Shanghai Dragon

my blog is very difficult to obtain the ranking, the important factor is


Shanghai dragon thinking participation is also ranked the home page, I have compared messy so is not conducive to the rankings, this mainly include (1) the web page is not many, only show the latest 6 articles, while the home exhibition contains several round column, so it is dispersed. (2) because unlike people who weight blog site, not so much traffic and weight transfer. So it is difficult to have the advantage to the user ranking. read more

How to improve the PR of the new term

well, it is a reason for the decrease of PR station which, following the author and share with you one of the 5 months of new sites to PR3 from PR0.

authority: then use the above example, the patient give you cast a vote is for you to add a lot of points, but if the hospital leadership, local leaders, and even national leaders voted for you, it is more than hundreds of patients to vote for you to carry, this is the authority.

thus, good content will get the favour of search engine, but no good "diplomacy" still can not give you the position. The site and the same person, even if he is willing to work hard, do their work is in place, but not good at communication, without support of colleagues and friends, it is very difficult to be recognized by society. The site is every day, even if the original article, the chain with the keyword layout more reasonable, but there is no relevant website to vote for him, it is difficult to occupy a space for one person in the search engine. Therefore, the success of the site must be "content" and "chain". read more

How to establish a perfect website optimization scheme (Shanghai Phoenix)



is a new web site or the old site, in the historical data analysis website should make before site optimization scheme. For example, domain name age, site of the PR value and weight, the amount included in the website, the website included the amount of daily, a snapshot of the site, the quality of the website chain, ranking website keywords, Alexa website ranking, website traffic and sources and so on all basic site data are to be collected to make a detailed analysis the data analysis of etiology website so as to be more comprehensive and give leadership or customer site optimization scheme is more persuasive. read more

Some knowledge of website promotion process in addition to learning the Shanghai Dragon

any subject from scratch, from there to mature, all need to learn from previous experience. Website promotion is appeared on the Internet after the birth, the most mature website promotion way is Shanghai dragon, now most main website for love Shanghai search engine promotion, one can not ignore the reality is that the love of Shanghai and Google, there are a lot of black disease. The use of a lot of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, using keywords, long tail keywords in Shanghai love search engine has a good ranking, but the user experience is not high. read more

That site positioning new Shanghai dragon plan

here, Nanning Shanghai dragon Xiaobian want to tell you, we are in the new plan, we must consider, do the site location, site location three benefits.

3, website positioning told myself, our advantage in where we are, where are the disadvantages.

1, website orientation told myself, we have to do what kind of site, we need to achieve what goal, what is our future development.

, a new scheme of Shanghai Longfeng site location meaning

new Shanghai dragon plan is a headache for many people of the topic, we just learn Shanghai dragon, do not know how to write, or we have optimized the success of the site, is not written like Shanghai Longfeng scheme things. Many people have questions about the Shanghai dragon plan, why should we write Shanghai Longfeng scheme. We all know why is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, and we have to do is not why, is the keywords ranking do go up, as is not the website ranking make up, allowing users to search a certain keyword into our website and we are. Their website service or product sales reached out, keywords ranking and website profit maximising it. read more

Frequent changes to page titles and CMS love Shanghai stop snapshot solutions

good news: in the new page after third days above, April 17, 2011 is my surprise. "

] !

finally on April 6, 2011 by Shanghai love to punish, no longer updated snapshot, included the number day decline, traffic plummeted. Everywhere I look for solutions, until April 14th are not resolved, many A5 friends say out, but I don’t believe, I decided to find their own methods of testing, so I love to Shanghai to SITE:iq250贵族宝贝 the latest snapshot or stay in April 6th, when I suddenly remembered that also had a similar problem in 1 years ago. Later, with the station two level domain name page after solve the problem. read more

Do a massive traffic rank promotion method through the love of Shanghai Aladdin channel!

is more and more slow to Shanghai dragon, through search engines love Shanghai drainage is less and less, so most enterprises slowly give up optimization of Shanghai dragon, chase mobile, community marketing, which I do not oppose, but to give up Shanghai Longfeng solutions are not a wise choice because! Love Shanghai and backdoor

what is the meaning of love Shanghai Aladdin channel

can release a soft text in the source of the news platform, is almost a few minutes to complete the rankings, for love Shanghai news source site in the rankings, is not through the audit, screening and other complex processes, released will directly give rankings, so we can see the love in Shanghai search a popular keywords, ranking first in the basic is the source of the news site, and these sources of news website basically is a few minutes, that is to say words a few minutes on a 10000 index ranking. Some people might think that now the news source website is more and more difficult to find, in the news source website published an article to several hundred dollars, at least to tens of dollars, some difficult read more

Teach you five strokes to let you quickly improve website weight

also need some people think it is not very important, but I can not, only a stable server, in order to better let the spider crawling, you built a very good house, but always keep the doors locked, others are not to enter, how do you know your house is still good don’t let the spider? Only smoothly into your website, to show it to you, otherwise everything is in vain.

, one must have a stable server.

Links focuses on quality rather than quantity, Links is like a personal friend, you have a lot of friends, as one can really help to your friends, of course, the stability is also very important, you look today, tomorrow is not whether you. read more

Shanghai Longfeng knowledge can be accumulated over time progress



also to the user’s eye to your site to know your product, because I don’t have much time to post in the forum, so most of them are in the beginning as a thread, all don’t know what rookie, only know the thread. Although every day there are a certain number but not a quality. Then began the kantie (before never seen someone else’s post) learn a lot from it. Choice is learned with the post, I love Shanghai love new things, so the thread should also choose some love will be included in Shanghai post, who published a long time you can not see it. The forum has a post post time is selected, click Select to display the most recent posts, the posts included with probability will be bigger, then your website will be more anti chain. They said the chain name can link to your site information, when people browse other information when you stay in others’ posts above URL is likely to play a role, because the user may click on your website, this will bring traffic to your website (benefit). So the chain site is very important, like a growing net as continuous wire nets will open more possibilities, then your website is to search for more users. read more

Shanghai Longfeng share a feasible implementation scheme of Shanghai Longfeng website

2. needs thesaurus. In order to collect the demand, spend some money to do a month of love Shanghai bidding is effective, which is more important to search keywords, the audience can know what. Finally, from the love of Shanghai statistics derived "search words", on the basis of Party consolidation, can get their original demand of thesaurus.

1. by love Shanghai phoenix nest determine your core keywords and website title, some similar words, such as "search volume XX" no "search volume XX Exhibition", so "XX show" as the core keywords, "XX" as a keyword helper, but through love Shanghai auction statistical data show that the "2014xx" exhibition "names +xx" users to access the site is far higher than the "XX show", so the website title should be set to "XX _2015xx" in the form of core keywords "XX exhibition". read more

Shanghai K station K love away from what Lu Zhishen Song Jiang said, looking for the search

second, with search users search for the familiar, "battle playing fine", search engine keywords authority recommended has been greatly diminished, the network "why it is difficult for me to fall in love with the sea to find satisfactory answers to the question" is the best example, I had the same experience:

loved K station in Shanghai, the results obviously within, a long period of time, my blog is not a small loss, which is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is I have poor blog traffic will be less, the two day traffic reduced by about 30%; the two is like "Yunnan Shanghai dragon", "Yunnan website optimization of regional industry keywords no ranking, not just the loss of the flow, but also means a loss of authority, more users don’t understand me, because they will not have the keyword ranking, deeply suspicious of my professional blog. read more

The clever use of two directory push primary domain weight

website ranking is closely related to the weight of the domain name. In order to improve the whole station exposure, get good rankings in search engines, webmasters are similar to the chain to get high quality, the chain is actually in my opinion, do not need to, but in essence. The high quality of the chain, the best effect. A technique of Zigong Shanghai Longfeng share today is from the station to Shanghai dragon optimization domain weight, or skepticism, Shanghai Longfeng station optimization, there are very few. Reasonable URL structure, internal anchor text, breadcrumb navigation, update column etc.. Shanghai dragon from internal optimization of several implementation plan, in general there are two purposes: 1, to create conditions for the spider crawling into 2 series, reasonable in the station, station did not miss the long tail word flow. From several aspects, we know how to make good use of this technique. read more

Recently, Shanghai love the new sites included the reason for the slow speculation

and this included number is 10 a few days ago that, in recent days the chain and content have increased, but there has been no change in the collection, all know to want to have ranking, it would have to have included, so the search engine, the QQ group side looking for methods however, they said that some of the methods, the author summed up again to stop thinking, think they are some of the regular way, about the recent are not, but I think the reason is really not in these areas. I remember in the A5 above seems to have seen a similar article, which seems to mention about why the new sites included, with the reason that I want to tell about, today is the number 28, that is to say a few days this month ended, we have been looking forward to love the sea once a month has not come, and last month when Friday’s small update no action, a series of signals throughout the Shanghai love released recently, guess maybe love Shanghai is brewing in the larger movement, we all know that love Shanghai recently launched the spark program, ecological engineering is love Shanghai said. Is about the original, for the love of Shanghai is now no longer drag things, their progress may be beyond. read more