Rice with Stewed Pork have good prospects to join the project

Rice with Stewed Pork delicious taste, many people love to eat, a lot of friends wanted to open a Rice with Stewed Pork to join with you. Rice with Stewed Pork join prospects? Find a good project, Rice with Stewed Pork joining the project is still very profitable. Guo Xiansen Rice with Stewed Pork this project has very high popularity in the market, you may wish to take a look.

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What are the elements of user experience and how do they quantify it

[Abstract] the user experience is a very important thing, to really understand its essence and play it to the acme, not by simple imitation can be achieved. Similarly, the popularity of a APP or web site is not only related to the quality of the product, but more importantly whether it is enjoyable for users to use and access the site…

user experience is a very important thing, to really understand its essence and play it to the acme, not by simple imitation can be achieved. Similarly, the popularity of a APP or web site is not only related to the quality of the product, but more importantly, whether the user is able to enjoy the experience of using and landing the site. read more

Webmaster friend no traffic, your website can make money

many webmasters think. The website wants to make money, begin with flow first. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, site to make money, not from the flow began. It starts with the brand.

personal Adsense is very good at pulling traffic way, nothing more than QQ ad bulk. Forum posts, smashing money, these means, but it can play a role, but the need to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources.

add a few Adsense QQ group, every day, most people are calling who what procedures, this station program who can get, who has free space, the theme of the acquisition of Baidu account and so on, often at this time, I was very despise these people, to be honest, I do not know ASP, do not know PHP what is, I only know that website, it should make money, make money for the station, do again good, also is white, not as good as the time saved to think of a way to make money. read more

What kind of website is B station

boy, did you catch the train station B

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every time people say, "you’re not local at all," and "our people don’t do it," they’re in different places. Today, everyone has gone to the Internet, and the region has become a "community", but also in the formation of certain characteristics. What curiosity daily wants to explore is the distinctive geographical features of different communities in the internet. From the inside, there is a prominent personality and popular language, from the outside view, it may appear often contempt chain. This series of articles is part of the Anthropology of curiosity and will be published regularly. read more

Site operations series of the first step the beginning of the site

already needs – site

as the saying goes, where there is demand, there is a transaction, so we should first consider whether what is such a thing, we all know that only when the supply is less than demand, we can provide value is the biggest, that no one can take out the evidence to deny. When people have the need to go out to eat, private hotels are springing up in New China in short time, and people have the desire to be able to mail things, so the express industry has developed rapidly in recent years. read more

Taobao guest website station actual combat how do earn 361 yuan per day

today, as usual, open the backstage of the Union and check the advertising revenue yesterday. Suddenly, a figure jumps into my eye. 361 yuan, a month or a day! Rubbed his eyes and looked carefully, really, is: 361.95 yuan

Taobao’s revenue, only a dozen or so before, how so many today, although only yesterday, a record high, but also more firmly my direction.


123 was Baidu, GG 265 was closed, I envy them, why don’t I know earlier one site? 2000, I also in the largest city in our county bar when the network management, I do not have this vision, only know the day playing CS. read more

gnore the user experience, your site is bound to be unable to afford A Dou

is now the webmaster circle is the development of network, more and more people set foot in the webmaster circle, everyone wants in the circle this mu of land to carve out their own piece of heaven and earth. But the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Most of the webmaster stagnate or fall in the standing army grew up, every day in the site and weight worries still stagnant, website ranking. So, the reason is why, I believe that many webmaster in the operation of the site will always focus on the process of the construction of the chain, enrich the content of the site, often underestimate the basic operation of the site: high quality user experience. read more

Marketing expert Zhan Peng on network marketing under new media

"stationmaster" magazine and Anhui Internet Alliance (ahunion.org) jointly organized by the public lecture has been to the sixteenth period, this time we invited heavyweight guests Zhan Peng he is a well-known network marketing lecturer, "Zhan Peng daily" network marketing blog founder, various websites and IT industry website columnist, had planned a male event, and lead the students to complete a number of Internet marketing projects, a number of students entering the major companies engaged in related work. 2006, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone reported ten big network prawns, 2007 CCID IT blog and so on, for China business newspaper, China Times marketing interview guests. read more

like the small website Baidu snapshot problem

does not depend on the recent Baidu transform some crazy, always give a person a kind of mysterious feeling, 21 days after many webmasters collapsed, the station was K, the keyword ranking for one year in Baidu instant cut and horse, such as my personal station, all of a sudden death, this phenomenon is not sustainable it is expected in 26 days, began to recover part weight. This phenomenon also shows that Baidu’s position, as long as you really do stand, Baidu will not let the webmaster can not survive. read more

CNZZ webmaster statistics help you improve website promotion level

for the Internet, the website as a "product", when a new product was born early, how to let the public know it and understand it, "product" promotion has become an important part of the process, is the purpose of website promotion for users as much as possible to understand and access the website, through the website to get more information about products and services, and ultimately provide support for the use and purchase decision. Website promotion is not an overnight effort. Promotion also needs some network tools and resources, and the key point is the role and significance of data statistics tools in the promotion. Website promotion method daily in any kind of promotion methods will play a role, or use the method of combination strategies, but the premise is to choose a reasonable use of promotion methods, some website promotion methods and tools, so to develop and implement effective website promotion method is the basis of fully understanding of various website promotion tools and resources and reasonable application. read more

Baidu collection and update time

as a Chinese webmaster, from Baidu search engine traffic has been an important part of the website traffic, so pay special attention to the Baidu update, always hope that their website is more and more, every day in Baidu site, now let me tell you the time Baidu generally update, save you every day site troubles. More time to improve the quality of website.

big update time is 11 and 26 per month, especially 26, the largest update, K station is also the most.

small update time every Thursday. The update is at 4 in the morning. General 4 a.m. update on the web traffic all no impact, only to noon, after Baidu keyword search on the web to re adjust, will flow on the big change, natural flow has increased natural fall, natural phenomena. Ha ha, personal Adsense can pay attention to Baidu update time. read more

‘ve been a website for 5 years

in the twinkling of an eye, I have been doing web site for 5 years, whether it is a large website or a small garbage site, the total count of less than 10. It’s not easy to come all the way here, although I haven’t made any great achievements in the Internet, but I’m still happy.

remember, I just got into touch with the Internet in the summer of 2002. I just graduated from junior high school and got plenty of time. My brother had just opened an Internet cafe, so I had access to the Internet (although I used to have a computer, but it was an MS-DOS operating system). In the Internet cafe, I often see people listening to music on the Internet and watching cartoons. I also curious, pay attention to the next, and found the URL: www.8u8.com. (maybe we’ve heard about it. 8U8.COM is a very red web site at the beginning of 2000, and Y365.COM.). But now the 8U8.COM music network has been shut down and can only live in our memory. ) watching online animation, I would like to have a website impulse, I want to put my site in front of SHOW, even though I site is how to do, what is the domain name, space is what all don’t know… read more

Give individual stationmaster a center of network originality and two basic points

through the mass of information in Sina, Sohu website, search Google, Baidu to the infinite, to the diversification of Shanda, Tencent qq. Technology seems to have been king, why so far? Network creativity value geometry?

, let’s talk about these two issues:

1. Technology resource is king

1, the network needs barriers, and technology just meets the requirements of

there is no doubt that with the increasing proliferation of Copy, VC are more concerned about barriers, therefore, with the technical core of the network company is more likely to become a preference of venture capitalists. And capital in the Internet industry is also a pivotal position in the achievement of a number of technology-based enterprises. Such as Google, Baidu. read more

A female webmaster three years experience and personal photos

      my site experience:

              I began to do 05 years from now, do countless small, but not a big, I believe that the webmaster has a lot of friends like me, do a lot of website, but no one to come. The movie station traffic good watch today, immediately make a movie website, tomorrow see download station well done, have to do download station, this website a few years of experience, I think the most important thing is to insist, persevere, three days fishing nets two days of drying in the end what also do not and it is also very important, a lot of people love of big website, that many webmaster and not easy to break, the portal website portal compared to the large, because people have the energy, many sites are just beginning, column Channel set up a lot, but when you want to update, only to find that there is not so much energy to update, and in the end will only end up with everything, but not all, nothing fine end. Summary is: column do fine + persistence. read more

How to improve the popularity of the website

1, search ADD:

each search engine is a huge online database, which stores a wealth of site information for users to search, query. Internet users on the Internet to find information, usually into the search engine, enter the keyword, you can find the relevant website contains information required, so the opening of the new site must be in the famous search engine registration.

2, links

can and their website content similar to the website to do friendship link, this can improve the website visits and popularity, if can and famous website do friendship link, so the effect will be better. read more

Affiliate ads are a pit for small and medium station owners

yesterday, a netizen sent such a sentence, just hit the pain point.

In 2013

master data report DCCI a few days before the 2013 total owners pointed out; profit model is still dominated by advertising and e-commerce, but advertising accounted for lower than in electronic commerce, accounted for the increase in the annual income of about 5000, which accounted for 60%, 66% of the site is not profitable, and I it combines "to talk about the advertisement" and "advertising alliance". read more

From simple nets to new daily mobile terminal diversion still has a play

lead: Although B2C shopping guide business prospects and crisis vary opinions, but simple network that, in the mobile terminal staking the times, everything is unknown.

wave gold founder Zhou Jie

although B2C shopping guide business prospects and crisis vary opinions, but simple network that, in the mobile terminal staking the times, everything is unknown.


| Liu Chen

although B2C shopping guide business prospects and crisis vary opinions, but simple network that, in the mobile terminal staking the times, everything is unknown. 2014, the simple network launched a mobile terminal APP new daily, on-line more than 10 thousand new clothes every day, based on the algorithm selected from 100, personalized recommendations for users. read more

How should find the reason for the sudden drop in website traffic

talked about before, the website operation of the most critical work is drainage, no one site operation, behind the work can not be carried out, so every day we should pay attention to the flow of their web site. Usually we install statistics code for the website, and then collect the data accessed by the website users every day. But a lot of the time we will encounter this kind of situation, is the site of the flow of abnormal decline, but a lot of the time we met in the site traffic anomaly, especially for the novice, it panicked, do not know what the reason, do not know where to start on, not to mention the proposed effective solutions, the boss asked why a creak hum, also say not clear condition. Today, he will come and talk to you, when our site traffic suddenly fell, we should check from what aspects of the site, and gradually troubleshoot the reasons, until you find a solution. read more

Current situation and Countermeasures of Baidu in training industry

first mentioned in this article, Beida Jade Bird for example only, not propaganda, if wrong, although everyone Paizhuan, administrator delete titles. Thank you! Now when it comes to network promotion method "Baidu bid" should be known to every family, for the education and training industry, especially IT training, network media has become the main way, and put on the network most preferred Baidu, more and more companies of the same industry put Baidu keywords, the price is too high to get more and more. The consultation, head broken day to fight first, then followed by malicious click more, spend more money, more cattle Baidu customer service agent. read more

52pkgame, my website career

in August 30th of last year, whim, to make an information website, probably made a plan: apply domain name, enough to buy space, add content. Set up the current website www.52pkgame.cn, the domain name looks like the game, actually is not the game.

in September 1st, because I have not contacted my friend who has been working on the website, I have to find a domain name registrar here. I want to register this thing, there is not the same ah, the main time is also Bi, more anxious, afraid of being registered by others. Simple chat, go to pay in the afternoon. read more